Altered States

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep Sea, and music in its roar:
I love not Man the less, but Nature more.”
–Lord Byron, “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage”

but first the chonies
But first, hand over them thermal skins

Changed my state this weekend >>> Your brain on nature

02 Oct | M
Work |
A. Row x 15:00 Stepmill x 20:00
B. 5x:
KB FR carry x 20m (35/40#)
Sled push x 20m (+90#)
SL hip bridge x 15 ea (elevated)
C. Bike x 20:00

03 Oct | Tu
Mobility | 3x
Elbow plank + fwd tap x 10 ea
Cossacks x 8 ea
TVAs x 15

Warm-up | 3x
Bike x 1:00
WB x 7
Push-ups x 5

Work |
A1. DB bench 4 x 10 (30#) [right into]
A2. Pull-up machina x 10 (2@ 48, 2@ 48/54#) [1:30]
B. Bench 5 sets @22×1 5,5,3,3,2 (75, 75, 75, 80. 85#) [3:00]
C1. BTN seated press 3 x 5 (50, 50, 55#) [1:00]
C2. Chinese row x 10 ea (20#) [1:00]
D. Hanging bent-knee raise 3 x 8 (hetero-leg) [1:00]

Stretch | 12:00

04 Oct | W
Get a lil sweaty | 3x
Row x 1:00
Banded RDLs x 8 e
DUs x 30

Work |
A. Deficit Deads (25# plate) 5 x 2 (185, 4@ 195#) [3:00]
B. HPC x 2 + PP x 1 x 10 sets (7@ 105, 3@110#) [2:00]
C1. Back squat 3 x 5 @70% (130#) [right into]
C2. GH hip extension x 10 [1:30]

Stretch | 10:00

07 Oct | Sa
Inner Basin to Weatherford Trail
8.8 mi

08 Oct | Su
Mobility | 3x
Cossacks x 10 ea
Prone y x 10
Glute press x 10
Reverse curl-ups x 10

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Slam balls x 7 @ 20#
KBS x 7 @ 40#

Work | From the archives
A. TGUs 3 x 3 ea (40, 45, 50-55-60#)
B. Reverse zerchers 3 x 8 ea (75, 80, 80#) [1:00 btwn legs]
C1. SA DB Z press 4 x 6 ea (25#) [right into]
C2. Dbl DB row x 8 @2113 (25#) [1:30]

Stretch | 10:00

M | Subbed the stepmill for the erg because of hip flexion. Right side bugging a little from the move. Part B: I see what you did there. Booty burning by the last 5 reps of hip bridges. I would like to conduct a test. Remove all the TVs from the globo and see what occurs…

Tu | Dang starting with pull-ups = prefatigued. BTN press felt stronger than anticipated. Typically aren’t those harder from a seated position than from standing, no? This whole workout was a good practice in preventing straining neck face.

W | An hour of barbell fun! Deficit deadlifts felt really good; why do those weights feel so much easier standing on plate? More/different muscle recruitment? The push press was the limiting factor on the second part, and after all those pull-ups on Tuesday, it’s hard to straighten my arms today. The squats felt solid. No GHD to Roman extensions.

Sa | Favorite.

As you approach the point where Inner Basin Trail hooks up to the Weatherford Trail you get a pretty sweet view – from top down The Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater, Sugarloaf Peak, The Fairy-tail Forest.


Su | Feeling a little hungover from my nature high, and a lack of sleep. But more than worth the exchange. Rolled through an oldie but a goodie. That part C was…

herd that.jpg



Which One

“We have two ears and one mouth, and we should use them in that proportion.” -Epitectus

And how will I know you’ll listen?  Which one are you choosing?

And this cracked my up. But if you had to pick one…

09 Aug | W
Mobility | 3x
Wall rotation + slides x 10
Cossack lunges x 8 ea
TVAs x 15
Popes x 15 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Wall ball x 7
SA KB press x 4 ea

Work | Repeat Remix
A. HHPC – HHPC – TC – FS @115#
B1. DB snatch 7 x 3 ea (35#) [right into]
B2. SL hip bridge x 10 ea (20#) [1:00]
C. Lat pull-downs 4 x 10 (80, 4@70#) [1:00]

Stretch-ish | 10:00

10 Aug | Th
Mobility | 3x
Scap press x 10
Reverse curl-ups x 10
Pistols x 2 ea

Work | Repeat-ish
A. Row x 20:00
B. Bike x 20:00
C. 5x:
Cross-over step-ups x 7 ea
Handstand holds
Samurai squats x 3 ea @35#
D. Step mill x 15:00

Stretch | 10:00

11 Aug | F
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Reaching dead bugs x :45

Work | Repeat
A. TGUs 3 x 3 ea (35, 45, 50, 60#)
C1. SA DB Z press 4 x 6 ea (25, 3@27.5#)
C2. Db row x 8 @2113 (25#)
B. Reverse Zerchers 3 x 8 ea (80#) [1:00 btwn legs]
D. 5x:
Goblet squat x 6 @33×1
Jump lunges x 10
FLR x :30

12 Aug | Sa
Shaw Butte Hike
5.5 mi

13 Aug | Su
Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Wall balls x 10
A-Y-Ts x 5 ea

Work | Repeat-ish
A1. Press 7 x 5 (65#)
A2. DUs x 20 [2:00]
B. 5x:
Goblet squat x 6 @33×1 (35#)
Jump lunges x 10
FLR x :30

Stretch | 10:00

W | I had planned on doing deadlifts, but then last minute decided to do some tall cleans and front squats because they are fun and I haven’t done them at Globo Mountain Ballpark edition. Rolled through the rest of the session. I think I was fighting a bug on the front end of the week – had some seriously low energy. But, better by mid-week.

Th | I dig these cardio sammich format workouts – I mean, for cardio. The the last 8:00 of rowing – involves a countdown that goes something like this:
“More than halfway done!”
*Closes eyes for what feels like 2:00 – nope, that was 34 seconds
*Focuses on fast drive, extending recovery
“Oh look! Five minutes! I can do anything for 5:00!”
“Oh look! Four minutes! I can do anything for 4:00!”
“Oh look! Three minutes! I can do anything for 3:00!”
“Last 90 seconds like you’re on the water… go!”
“Fuck. I love rowing.”
“But let’s not do this again soon, or at least for, like 10 days.”

F | Felt good. Scaled back because of the hike planned for the following morning. The goal is no tricky hip business before or after The Anniversary Hike this year.

Sa | Rescheduled The Hump hike due to t-storms, so we stuck around PHX and hiked surrounded by monsoon-y weather instead. It was pretty great.

stormy shaw
The Start at Shaw Butte

Su | Press felt strong; really felt the pushing through the ground. Part B is the closest thing to AD sprints I’ve found at the globo… so far.

The Continuum

“I like my coffee like I like my nights: dark, endless, and impossible to sleep through.” -Isn’t


The weekend had me turning over this conversation  with Gloria Steinem – on  friendships, chosen family and love(s).

“The one thing that I learned from this was that people suddenly started to say things to me like, “At last you’ve met the love of your life,” as if there were one love in our lives…I think there are different loves in our lives… I mean, why make a hierarchy out of the people we love?”

Oh, that’s so beautiful I get the tears. And who else wants to know more about Wilma Mankiller?

23 Oct | Su
Mobilty | 3x
GA squats x 12
Single-leg elevated hip bridge x 12 ea
BB row x 10
Side plank + leg lift x :20 ea

Work | Rotating x 30:00:
Sled pull x 100m (115#)
OH BB carry x 50m (75#)
AD x 30 cals
Row x 400m
Reaching dead-bugs x 1:00

Stretch | 15:00

22 Oct | Sa
Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Wall ball x 7
Single-arm press x 10 ea

Work | Front squat 5 x 1 (135, 145, 155, 160, 155#)
EMOM x 10:00:
1-1/4 Front squat x 3 @ 50% (80#)
AD 30/30’s x 10:00

Stretch | 15:00

21 Oct | F
Mobility | 3x
Adductor squats x 10 ea
COB holds x :20
Prone y raise x 10
Reverse curl-ups x 8

Warm-up | Row + Poly Vinyl Chloride

Work | Class Barbell Complex
EMOM x 20:00, rotating:
Clean + high-hang clean (95, 105, 115#…)
Snatch | high-hang snatch (5 @75#, 5 @80#)
Get bendy | 20:00

19 Oct | W
Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
DUs x 30
Banded shoulder rolls x 10 ea direction
OH walking lunges x 10

Work | O-lifting – Week 8
Snatch-grip DL – snatch pull – snatch 6 x 1 (95#)
High-hang snatch 4 x 1 (90, 95, 95, 100#)
Good mornings 3 x 10 (75#)
ISO front squats 4 x 10s

Stretch | 15:00

W | Snatches felt really good, nice and snappy. Worked up to my 1RM on the high-hangs.

F | Moved through.

Sa | Ooh those 30/30’s!

Su | Check. Post work-out beer that tasted like coffee, courtesy of Kamanda. My kind of continuum. 


The Positive Pivot

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” -George R. R. Martin

Lift Each Other Up by Libby Vander Ploeg

Have a listen here to Christmas Abbott talking perseverance, quirks, and choosing your favorite kid. I like hearing what Christmas has to say, and not just because her accent is adorbs. She’s incredibly relatable, inspiring in all her endeavors, and seems to come at every situation from a place of positivity.

She’s got a pretty great Instagram feed, sending out plenty of good vibes, like these words from the great Maya Angelou:disculpe-01.png

On a loosely related note, we got to chatting at the gymnasium about “content” and how we judge the value of it. If someone puts up an intelligent, thoughtful post but pairs it with an image of their body, does that in some way diminish what they have to say? If so, why? Would it matter what kind of body they were presenting? If it were a man, not a woman? If they were of a certain age or race? Would that somehow make it more or less acceptable? More or less valid?

Sometimes it seems like we’re existing in a time of exclusion, of dichotomies, in the either/or’s. What I appreciate about the content that women like Christmas Abbott are putting out there is that they’re all about inclusion, and demonstrate that we can be both – intellectual and sexual, driven and patient, strong and compassionate. As Christmas put it, your wins are my wins. While I don’t currently have any offspring, I do care about posterity (in addition to posteriors) and I think the better message to be sending to our young humans is one of inclusion and multitudes. We don’t need to be one thing, we can be many things.

More ampersands.

18 Sept | Su
Mobility | 3x
Cossack lunge x 8 ea
Scap press [lentimente] x 10
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
Wall balls x 10
Palms-fwd BB row x 8
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting from W
1-1/4 OHS 4 x 2 (95, 105, 105(vid), 110#)
Clean high pulls 3 x 3 (125, 135,, 145#)
Halting clean deadlift [4s @ below the knee, and just shy of full extension] 3 x 4 (145, 135, 135#)
Isometric abduction w/ ext. rotation 3 x 10s

17 Sep | Sa
Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
DUs x 30
OH walking lunges x 14

Work | O-Lifting – Week 3
BTN Snatch-grip push press 5 x 2 (85, 85, 95, 100, 105#)
Clean + jerk 10 x 1 (115, 115, 125#…)
Samurai squats 3 x 8 ea (35#)
Front squat  ISO holds 3 x 10s

Stretch | 20:00

­16 Sep | F
Work | Recess Class
The Bear Complex, 5x:
[Power clean – Front squat – Push press – Back squat – BTN Push press] x 7 (75, 85, 90, 95, 100#)

Stretch | 20:00

Friday’s Bear felt good, though I 86’d the BTN presses upon advice from Ali – saving the back for Saturday. I really like that barbell complex; it challenges the body and the head, provided you buy in.

O-lifting went well, though it seems like I’ve been going light forever, when it’s actually only been a few weeks. Looking forward to being able to push again. Did you see that post on pain from The Wolf Brigade? It’s the one with the mace on the beach. That was a helpful reminder Saturday.

Barbell in the AM & refreshing pool in the PM makes a pretty stellar combo. I hope that excessively manicured shrub doesn’t degrade my content

Made up some Oh Lifting homework on Sunday. Having watched some 1-1/4 OHS on the interwebs before heading to the gymnasium, I was curious to see if I did the curved booty back thing I saw a lot of, so I took a vid…

… Yep, I do it. And I’m not so sure that I’m breaking parallel there, either. Coachable moments.

A Breather

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view  the world.” -John le Carre

from the tent

Back to the office tomorrow. I’m so excited.

Rest day this week involved some swimming. I learn some things about my breathing when I get in a pool. This article was pretty informative for me; I’ve always pictured my diaphragm working in the opposite direction, contracted on the inhale. Hmm… So it’s like a plunger. Learned something new today.

Thought this BBS vid on box breathing was worth the time, too. I mean, the SEALs do it. What is it that Coach Sommer says? “If the best in the world are doing it to get stronger, why the fuck aren’t you?” Don’t quote me on that.

10 July | Su
Roll + Mobility | 3x
Wall press x 10
Glute press x 10
Single-arm plank x :30 ea
SL Elevated hip bridge x 12 ea

Recovery | Collecting some vitamin D in the cement pond

09 July | Sa
Warm-up | 3x
Row x 200m
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting Week 1
A. Clean pulls 3 x 3 (165#)
B1. 2-Position clean – floor, high-hang – 3 x 3 (115,115,105#)
B2. Rack jerk 3 x 3 (95,95,105#)
Cross chop 3 x 8 ea (15#)
Tricep pull downs x 100

Handstands + Stretch | 30:00

08 July | F
Warm-up | 3x
Run around the ‘nasium x 2
Slam balls x 5 (30#)
OH walking lunges x 10

Work | Recess
Barbell Complex:
Hang power clean
Push press/jerk/split jerk
Good mornings
Back squat
x 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (75,80,85…110#)

Stretch | 15:00

07 July | Th
Mobility | 3x
GA squat x 10
Scap press x 10
Side plank + LL x :20 ea
TVA leg drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Wall ball x 7
DUs x 20
BB rows x 10

Work | O-lifting – Week1
Heaving snatch balance 3 x 3 (70,75,75#)
1-1/4 OHS 3 x 3 (75,80,85#)
Segmented snatch 3 x 3 (75#)
3 sets:
Reverse curl-ups x 10
Side bend x 10 (25#)

Auxiliary | 3x
Rev row sit-backs x 6
Pistol sticks x 5 ea (2 sets)
Ring leg curls x 6

Stretch | 10:00

Thursday it just felt so great to mobilize and move! I dug into the difference between drop snatch, snatch balance, and the heaving snatch balance after the workout. So, the heaving snatch balance should be heavier. Got it. I didn’t feel like I moved particularly well, having to correct my quads from doing all the work on the OHS, and catching my right heel coming up on the segmented snatch, so I kept the lbs light and just focused on movement. Adding leg curls to the auxiliary work was not the best idea, in hindsight.

The determining factor of Friday’s workout was definitely the good morning. Once I got up around a hundy I struggled to maintain good position with my low back wanting to round.

Didn’t govern myself very well on Friday. I felt pretty fried Saturday morning and it showed.

Took some time for some self care last week. Check out this excellent demo on how to remove calluses! Razor blades are for noobs.



Walk the Talk

“I believe you can speak things into existence.” – Jay Z

motivational monday-01.jpg

One of this week’s favorite was the Muscle Mind Project’s interview with Rob MacDonald, the guy at Gym Jones who got over 400 cals on 300 FY. It was cool to hear him talk about his preparation for that test; twenty hours a week on the devil’s bike for months. It’s good to be reminded of all the preparation that it takes to accomplish such things. For anyone, blessed genetics or not.

Bobby’s Rules of the Gymnasium:

  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch. There’s a cost to everything. Be prepared.
  • Show up, don’t quit, ask questions.
  • Help foster a good gym/training environment. Make a contribution.
  • Make your walk match your talk.
  • Have fun.

And I liked what he had to say about goal-setting; for us regular folk to push past setting a singular goal, but instead create a set of ten sub-goals. My first stab:

  1. Have healthy enough shoulders to perform Murph 2017 Rx
  2. Back squat: 1.5 BW
  3. Press to handstand
  4. Legless rope climb
  5. Snatch: .75 BW
  6. Bench: .75 BW
  7. Pass all the booty tests: barbell, quarter, coffee cup, las manos
  8. Do my pistols without holding my toes
  9. Side plank with LL: no problem
  10. Free standing tick-tocks

Yep. That does feel more substantial than “get stronger”. What’s your list look like?

30 May | M
Hiking @ S Mtn

29 May | Su
Pillars |3x
Scaption x 8 (ooh soreness)
Hip hikes x 12 ea
Wall-pressing dead bugs x 1:00

Warm-up | 3x
Goblet squat x 5
BB Good mornings x 10
Row x 200m

Work | Clean pulls 7 x 2 (155,155,165#…)
Snatch balance 3 x 3 (60,60, 55#)
4 sets:
Box squats x 3 (115#)
BTN press x 5 (55#, 3 sets only)
GHR x 10
Banded SL RDLs x 10 ea

Stretch | 15:00

27 May | F
Warm-up | 3x
Run x 100m
KBS x 5
Goblet squat x 3
BB press x 5

Work | Class-y workout
20 rounds:
DL + H-hC + FS + S2O (95#)

Stretch |20:00

26 May | Th
Pillars |3x
GA squats x 8
Wall press + rotations x 10
TVA leg drops x 15

Warm-up |4x
AD x 1:00
El hombre push-ups x  7
Sit-ups x 10

Work | Ooooh-lifting
Power clean 6 x 1 (115,125,130,135,140,140#)
Clean 6 x 1 @ 85% of ‘A’ (115#)
Rack jerk 6 x1 across (115#)
3 sets:
Box hops x 10
SA seated press x 6 ea (25#)
Side bridge x 1:00 or max (1:00, :50, :50)

Stretch | 15:00

Th | Really felt like I was gonna nail that 140# on the power cleans. Not today. The last half of the cleans felt really strong and fast. The jerks were solid; feel like I am finally starting to get under it actively. Did the hops on the box because they felt way more stable than the on the padding of the bench. Are those training explosiveness? Interesting to see what part failed first on the side planks. QL and mid back for moi.

F | Just greasing the groove for Murph. Made the hang power cleans high-hang cleans, because, you know, I like to feel fast…


Su | Clean pulls felt really good; heavier than I typically go, too. Snatch balance were a little slow. Noticed my grip was pretty narrow, so I widened that out, which helped, but still dropped weight to make them speedy. Realized on the presses that maybe they were slow because the right shoulder was acting up. Stopped at 3 rounds on that movement because my trap kept trying to do the work, not the lat.

Podcasts & Protein

“I look at Walmart as nothing more than a vacuum cleaner over the front door sucking the money out of the folks who live in my community and leaving as little as possible, sending as much as possible to their investors who live in Hong Kong, Toronto and London.” – Dr. Charles Syndor via The Paleo Solution Podcast

I should just post a link to Robb Wolf’s podcast every week. That and Barbell Shrugged. Between the two, I was calling out so many audibles that my neighbor lady prolly thought football season was back. Oh wait, it is! Pre-season fires up today. Fuck yeah, Football!

In an effort to eek the most out of the rest of my Sunday and get this thing posted, I’ll summarize – and extremely over-simplify – each of the podcasts in basic, and possibly incorrect, mathematical form:

  • [Fats+Proteins > Carbs] + [Local > Organic > Non-Organic]
  • Knowing ≠ Learning

While Robb and Dr. Syndor explicitly discuss the idea of the Paleo movement being a segway into a broader conversation, I think the same could be said for the take-away from the crew at Barbell Shrugged: you’re never done.

09 Au | Su
Rest Day
45DNC (7, -stretch, -H2O)

08 Aug | Sa
Warm-up | DUs
Mobility Bidnass

Barbell Complex:
(Clean DL + Power Clean + Front Squat)
1×4 @65% (90#)
1×4 @70% (95#)
2×3 @75% (105#)
RDLs 4×4@100% (145,145,150,150#)
BTN Rack Jerks 4×3 @70% (95,95,105,105#)

Stretchin’ | 20:00
45DNC (10)

07 Aug | F
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Single arm DB press x5 ea
Wall ball x5
BB push press x10

Work | Press – 5×1 (65,75,85,90,90#)
Rest x3:00
4 rounds:
Push press x10 @ 50% (45#)
Right into
Ring dip hold x:20
Rest x1:30

Stretch | 25:00
45DNC (10)

06 Aug | Th
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Wall balls x15
PUs x10
Banded rows x5

Recovery | 24:00 Rotating OTM:
Banded Dead Bugs
Lacrosse Ball

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC (10)

05 Aug | W
Warm-up | DUs + Mobility
Work | Snatch 5×3 @ 70% (3@65#, 2@70#)
High-Hang Snatch Pull 4×4 @ 65% (70#?)
Snatch Balance + OHS
2x(3+6) @65% (55#)
1x(3+6) @70% (60#)
2x(2+4) @75% (65#)
Should have use more lbs everywhere

Stretch + MFR | 25:00
45DNC! (10)

04 Aug | Tu
MFR | 7:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
RDL x10
Lateral banded walks x12 ea way
Row x1:00

Work | Zercher reverse lunge 3×6 (55, 60, 65#)
Rest x1:00 between legs
Single leg RDL 3×10 (26,35,35# KB)
Rest x1:00
4 rounds:
Push-ups x5
Right into
DUs x:30 (40,35,44,35)
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC (10)

Tuesday | Sore in the low-back region and the mid back area. RDLs and lunges felt good. My push-up game felt a little weak and I felt like a buffalo whilst jumping rope. Chalkin’ it up to an “off” day in the ‘nasium.

Wednesday | In contrast to Tuesday, e’erything felt fucking awesome! Flutes are sore:
flutes and blogging go hand in hand
And I think I can put some more weight on that barbell; the overhead stuff felt really strong. Tilton talked about focused lifting, moving with intention and being present and that resonated with me quite a bit. I like to have fun in the gym, but sometimes that fun distracts me in the moment, which I regret later.

Thursday | Again, all things go.

Friday | Ring holds were hard as hell to keep in good shoulder position -my shoulders started to migrate up to my ears pretty quickly. And once I was out of position I pretty much had to hop off and start again; I couldn’t just pull myself back into the right position.

Saturday | The complex felt awesome. It was a good week, really. The RDLs were at the heaviest weight I’d ever done them and while they felt good, Ali pointed out that my first move is to tip my hips forward, coming out of position. So that’s something to be cognizant of going forward. And squeeeeezing the shoulders blades together. Always. The BTN jerks felt a little odd out of the gate, but progressively felt better with each set. It was another fun O-lifting session.

The last half of the 45-Day Nutrition Challenge I really want to hit the protein goals on the regular. I have yet to do that in a consistent fashion and really want to see how/if that changes anything when I do. Bring on the tilapia and the tuna.