“You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you.” -Wayne Dyer

the fng show-01
The FNG Show

Sometimes the internet is helpful: How to Work with A Narcissist

22 June | W
Warm-up| 3x
Wall press + rotation x 10
Super bird dogs x 10 ea
OH walking lunges x 16
Row x 1:00

Work | OH-lifting
Snatch high-pulls 3 x 3 (85,95,105#)
2-Position snatch 3 x 3 (65#)
OHS 3 x 3 (85,95,95#)
Halting snatch-grip DL – 3s pause at mid-thigh – 3 x 3 (115#)

Serious Stretch | 20:00

21 June | Tu
Mobility |3x
BB row x 10
Scap press x 9 @5s ea
SL Elev hip bridge x 12
Reaching dead bugs x 1:00
Side plank + LL x :30

Work | EMOM x 20:00:
Evens: Snappy Power Snatch x 2 (6 @80,4 @85#)
Odds: DUs x 30 (:17)
-Rest x 4:00-
Gladiator TGUs x 14:00 7:00 (25#)

Stretch | 20:00

20 June | M
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 12 (I fucking love these #feedyourinnerstripper)
Side clammie holds x:30 ea
Frog pumps x 1:00
Calf raises x 40 (2)

Get Werm | 3x
Wallballer x 10
OH Walking Lunges x 20
Play with the yump rope x :45

Work | 4x:
RDL x 4 @ 3232 (115,125#…)
Rest x 1:00
Single-arm Press  x 8 ea (30, 27.5, 25#)
Rest x 1:00
Banded rows x 12 (blue)
Rest x 1:00
Banded T’s x 10 (yellow)
Rest x 1:00

Auxiliary | 3x
Ring hold, slowly lower to hang, scap activation (?) x 3
Pistol Pause Candlesticks x 5 ea

Short Stretch | 10:00

M | I never know quite how to describe when my right shoulder/lat/tricep things get aggravated. I guess it just feels tight, and then that makes the movements feel different on that side. Yeah. So that was the case here.

The tempo RDLs were challenging. Used straps to focus on the glute/hammies. That also seems to alleviate some tension on the right shoulder region. Focused on recruiting the lat rather than my traps on the presses. Man, those got hard quick. I dropped weight every time because around rep 6 my face was doing this:

trap strain face

Tu | 86’ed the side plank in the warm-up. Couldn’t stay in the proper position; super fatigued in the QL and glute med regions. The snatches were snappy, and I worked on speed on the DUs, keeping the sets under :17. Progress on the Gladiator TGUs is good, but my shoulder started bothering me at the standing lockout position so I stopped and jumped into stretch class. 

W | Kept things light; being a little ginger with the shoulder, and getting heavy on Saturday.

I’ve logged my eats for the past 2 weeks. My protein intake seems to range from around 90g-120g per day; the days I up the carbs for lifting I see I tend to fall short on the protein. Gonna implement some summer supps (protein powder) because I want the mass. All in my butt. Kidding. And my hammies! There are a couple contributing factors, but I’m feeling really fucking great. My skin, however, seems to hate me right now. Will watch the dairy and see what happens.



“What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age.” – Sylvia Plath

One of my favorite new podcasts is Note to Self, “a tech podcast about being human”. My most recent favorite episode was about LEGOs, which I have loved since I was a small human, and no doubt played a role in my choice of professions. Bold colored blocks with which you can create anything! Or you can just leave them all over the floor for your nemesis to step on. Brilliant.

The podcast episode debates the evolution of the LEGO, from “free-building” into kits. (Bullshit gendered kits, I might add. ) It was a very interesting conversation; many audible “Yeeees!”s from this chic. I particularly liked the part on the addition of SPUDs. Those would be “Single Purpose Useless Decoratives”.  Hey I know a few of those! What a great acronym of what not to become. SPUD: the Lego version of the DNBs.

In other news, James Clear has provided me with the solution to my portfolio creation problem: portfolio (sans) pants!

portfolio pants
Oh man, I am gonna be so productive!

I know that’s what you’re thinking. What the fuck are you talking about, Morgan? Read this article and it will all make sense:

The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on What We Set Out to Do (And What to Do About It)

11 Jan | M
Pillars | 3x
GA Squat x 10
Prone glute press x 10
Super bird dogs x 10 ea

Warm-up | 1x
Row x 300m
Wall walk x 1
TGU x 2 each side

Work | 10:00 @ a consistent pace  (4 + 150)
Row x 150m
Bench press x 5 @ 65#
Wall-pressing dead bugs x :30
-Rest x 4:00-
10:00 @ a consistent pace (3)
Double KB swing x 5 (Singles x 10)
DU’s x 30
Wall walk x 2
TGU x 1 ea (44#)
-Rest x 4:00-
4 sets:
AD x 10 cals
Body row x 5
GHR x 7

Stretch | 20:00

09 Jan | Sa

Work | O-Lifting
Snatch pulls 5 x 3 @115% (115#)
Snatch + 2 OHS x 5 (75#) he-ips
4 sets:
Samurai squats x 5 ea (35#)
Banded dead bugs x 1:00

Stretch | 15:00

08 Jan | F
Pillars | 3x
Plank + reach thru x 10 ea
Super bird dogs x 10 ea
SL Elevated hip bridge x 10 ea
RDL x 10

Work| Deficit DLs 4×2 (185,195,205,205#)
4 rounds:
Rev Zercher lunge x 5 ea (55#)
Banded Pallof horizontal press x 10 ea
Monster walks x 12 ea
Rest x 2:00

Stretch | 10:00

07 Jan | Th
Work | Class
EMOM x 30:00
Evens: AD or row x :45
Odds: DUs x 20

Stretch | 20:00

06 Jan | W
Pillars | 3x
Wall press + rotation x 10
Elevated SL hip bridge x 10 ea
Prone Y glute press x 10
Clammie hold x :30 ea

Warm-up | AD x 5:00

Work | Clean pulls 7 x 2 (140,140, 150,150,160,160,160#)
Tall jerks 5 x 2 (65#)
4 sets:
Box squats x 3 (95,115,135,135#)
BTN press x 5 (55#)
Banded dead bugs x 10

05 Jan | Tu
Pillars | 3x
GA squat x 8
Super bird dog x 10 ea
Hip hikes x 15 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 100m
Wall ball x 5
PUs x 10

Work | 6:00 class
EMOM x 16:00 rotating:
Bench x 3 (80#)
Dbl dead bugs x 8
EMOM x 16:00 rotating:
Thruster x 3 (75#)
Wall walk x 1 + 5 shoulder taps ea

Stretch | 20:00

The hips are still recovering from my week off in the frozen tundra. I was sore pretty much all last week in the lats and the hip flexors. Added some shoulder taps to the wall walk on Tuesday. Those samurai squats were rough Saturday. I feel them in my low back on the right side, WHICH I KNOW IS WRONG! And I added some GHRs to yesterday’s workout, because I am a hypocrite. Trust the program.

I really enjoyed hopping into the class workouts. It makes it easier when I am feeling not so into it, which usually directly correlates with the temperature in the gym. Hoping to be more focused at the gym this week than I was last. I’m making a comeback from the holiday season! Fucking holidays.

Gonna do some food logging for the next 30 days just to get back on track. And I’m gonna try to keep a lid, or cork, on the scotch until Superbowl SunYAY. Also going to shoot for fasted mornings 3-4 times a week just to see how it affects things. Working that metabolic flexbility #staybendy


Who’s Your Kevin?

“You are just me, living a different life.” -Aubrey Marcus

the first Kevin I think of
The first Kevin that comes to mind… handling the groceries like a boss

I’m not sure if it’s the pool or the remote location, but house-sitting seems to have taken my podcast consumption to another level. Having caught up on all my usual ear snacks, I sought and found a new-to-me podcast and, oh man, was it good. The Rules of Success Podcast Episode #40 features Kate Galliett. I found it to be an awesome conversation. I’ll tease you with what I found to be some of the highlights:

  • Who’s your Kevin right now? Who are you Kevin to? Who are the people who are helping you develop as a human?
  • There’s more than one road to Rome. But not Ahwatukee.
  • Take what’s good and leave the rest. There’s something to take away from any situation.
  • How you do one thing is how you do everything. If Kevin trains with shitty form Kevin carries the groceries with shitty form. I think you could extrapolate this further, too. How you train is how you work is how you love, etc…
  • We find who we need to. How neural drive can translate to the intangible components of life, pulling energy and people to us. It’s the Law of Attraction!

So, who are your Kevins…?

19 July | Sunday
Active Rest Day

Dog-walk + an aerial fitness class
DTP 45DNC Day 05 (10)

18 July | Saturday
Mobility | 10:00

Workout | EMOM x30:00 (95#)
Deadlift – Hang Clean – High Hang Clean – Push Press
swapped Front Squat for the Push Press half way through

Stretch Class | 20:00

DTP 45DNC Day 04 (10)

17 July | Friday
Workout | 30:00
AD x5:00
Wall balls x5

Stretch | 20:00

DTP 45DNC Day 03 (10) 

The last few workouts have been all about keeping the wheels greased and seeing how the body feels. I’m a good kinda sore from the barbell EMOM on Saturday. Sunday’s aerial fitness class focused on stretching and mobility, and that felt good. I continue to work on sleeping in a good position, trying not to irritate the shoulder or the hip. Things are moving in the right direction; I’m feeling better than last week.

Coming off the first weekend of the Nutrition Challenge, I found that I’m eating more carbs than I thought I was, though the Qwest bars could be a contributing factor. As I’ve killed the box of bars already, I’ll be switching to the protein powder this week. We’ll see how that changes the breakdown. I’m still working on getting that protein number up to where it should be, but being back in my own kitchen can’t hurt.

I’ve exceeded my daily allotment of calories as determine by My Fitness Pal on two of the challenge days so far. I don’t sweat it because I don’t log my activities. It’s my understanding that the calories are a rough target, but that we should put more emphasis on hitting the macros. I suppose this depends on the individual and where they are at. How is that ALWAYS the answer!?

I don’t log my activities because it seems so imprecise, so relative. What one person considers rough, another might find easy. This article from NPR links to an activity compendium which is very extensive and very specific. Where do you draw a boundary between exercise and activity? My personal aim is be more active overall, so I try not to compartmentalize which activity “counts” and which doesn’t. But then again, I guess it comes down to the individual.

So when it comes to the fitness apps, and life, the benefit isn’t in the tool, it’s in how you use it. Thanks, Katy Bowman.


Sunday Grammar

“You have to move the big rocks. Don’t worry so much about the fat burners; that’s not a big rock. Eat well, train well, sleep well, chill well.” – Jen Sinkler and her bad ass bangs

grammar day

I am really loving this TEDtalk. It pairs perfectly with my last post’s quote from Paulo Coelho. Ah the subjective; the potential and the regret. Interesting.

15 March | Sunday
Active Rest
Alta – Bajada Trail
@ South Mtn
7 miles

3.1415 | Saturday

Mobility o/ coffee | 20:00

Workout | 4 sets:
Back Squat x2 (130, 140, 150, 160#)
3-4:00 rest btwn

3 rounds:
400m run
Wall balls x8
DU’s x30

Stretch class

13 March | Friday

MFR + Mobility | 20:00

Workout | 4 sets:
DB Press x6 (30#)
:30 rest
BB rows x5 (45, 55, 65, 70#)
1:30 rest

AD 30/30’s:
3:00 @ easy pace
15:00 @ :30 sprint, :30 walking rest

12 March | Thursday

Mobility | 15:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds;
:30 yumping rope
Banded rows x10
Wallballs x5

Workout | EMOM!
24:00 rotating:
1x hang clean + 2x high-hang cleans (95×4, 100×2, 105#xRemainder)
Slam balls x5 (30#)


Feeling really great! Here’s the last set of Back Squat from Saturday:

Inspired by the muscle-ups in 15.whatever, I got through 15:00 of AD sprints. They actually weren’t that bad, though I could certainly feel them working. Thursday’s high hangs were a fun challenge at getting under it. Next time, more lbs.

Have you ever recognized your own behaviors in someone else’s actions? And you see them doing this thing and it’s fucking awful. And you realize that it’s no different when you do that shit. So fucking stop it. Ever had that? That was my week. It was very insightful. 

I ate out more than usual this past week. Meetings and such. When I eat something that I didn’t fix myself I consider it to be junk, ’cause you just don’t know. Like those sweet potato fries… “paleo” in theory but likely fried in vegetable oils. Gross. Though I don’t let dining out give me license to eat like an asshole. I don’t stress about it and just try to limit how frequently I do it. Long story short: better food choices, Morgan. And more protein. SO much more protein!




Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

How last week felt, in general…


This “My Day on a Plate” article was awesome. I’m calling out the author of the original post. Dear Kara Rosen, stop screwing up science. And chew your food.

I finished my latest read, Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships, and it is definitely going on my “favorites” list. It’s been a while since I’ve dog-eared, underlined and highlighted so much text in a pleasure read. It was educational and funny as hell. For example, in the segment on why the external scrotum of the human male suggests sperm competition,

“A scrotum is like a spare refrigerator in the garage just for beer. If you’ve got a spare beer fridge, you’re probably the type who expects a party to break out at any moment. You want to be prepared.”

I think, just like with health, when it comes to relationships and sex people forget to question the information and the norms they’ve been “prescribed”. This book does a great job of that in a really interesting and entertaining way. Read it. And listen to the Savage Lovecast. Yay sex!

So what is, “rebusacassafram”? Apparently, it’s the answer when you don’t know the question (my week, in summary). You’ll have to listen to this episode of Freakonomics for the deets.

25 January | Sunday
Hiking @ South Mtn
Holbert Trail | 4.5 mi

24 January | Saturday
Accidental Rest Day

23 January | Friday

Mobility | 20:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds NFT:
1:00 Row
5 ea KB snatch
15 x DUs

Workout | 3 sets:
Single arm DB press x8 reps ea. (26# KB)
– right into –
Banded row x10 reps (purp)
2:00 rest

30:00 EMOM rotating:
20 DU’s
AD :30
Bench press x4 reps (70#)

Sometimes it’s Friday and you’re EMOMing solo and you look up and see…

photo 1
The Ghost of Santana

I don’t have much to report, really. Looking forward to see what this week brings, in and out of the ‘nasium. Successfully upped my walking this week…

photo 2

 … but quickly realized that my goal (5 miles/day) is just not gonna happen. Maybe when I switch jobs and move downtown and walk to work like a really urban dweller… The sleep continues to be on point and so far my skin isn’t showing any signs of reacting to the protein powder. Win. Win.



You Plant Corn, You Get Corn

“An empty vessel makes the greatest sound” – Plato

There was a Hunger Games Meme Game on the social media today. It goes something like this: image search “[your first name] meme” and post the first result. Okay…

Leah Meme
No quotation marks required.

While I was back in the homeland, I got to chatting with my mom about treadmills. I personally hate the things, but then I have the luxury of beautiful weather all year round, in which I can actually walk outside…

I think it’s really interesting how a lot of us tend to focus SO much on the work we do in the gymnasium, only to have really crappy movement (or non-movement – again with the sitting!) the other 23 hours of the day. Because of my hip injury, likely caused by dysfunctional movement that developed over a long period of time, I am paying attention to how I sit in the car, stand at my desk, and even lay in bed. Katy Bowman has a wealth of information on her website related to this kinda stuff, including “Junk Food Walking” (those evil treadmills), how to “Un-Pimp Your Ride”, and all things related to the pelvic floor, which is particularly important for us ladies. I mean, does it really matter how many kipping pull-ups you can do if you can’t keep from peeing yourself during double-unders?

 03 December | Wednesday

Self-Myofascial Release | 15:00

Warm-up | 5:00 on the Devil’s Bike

10:00 @ 85% | AMRAP: (6 + 200)
200m run
5 KB swings (44#)
5 Slam ball (30#)
– 5:00 Rest –
10:00 @ 85% | AMRAP: (4 + 5)
Bench press x5 reps (65#)
Pull up x5 (red band x1, blue band x remainder)
AD x15 cals
– 5:00 Rest –
5:00 @ 85%
400m run
sets of 10 unbroken DU’s (13)

Stretch | 10:00

 02 December | Tuesday

Foam-a-rollin’ | 15:00

Warm-up | 3:00 row

3×8 Single leg hip thrusts (BW, 15, 15# DB)
1:00 rest between legs
4 Sets:
RDLs x4 (95, 115, 115, 115#)
1:00 rest
BB box step-ups x5 ea. (35, 40, 40, 40#)
2:00 rest

Stretch | 20:00

It took a little while to get the griddle warmed up today; my head wasn’t in the game when I walked thru the door. I was preoccupied with my list of “shoulds” I needed to get done post ‘nasium. The first MAP session got me focused pretty quickly. What I learned today: must run more (now that it doesn’t hurt to). Went heavier on the KB and slam ball as the reps were low.

 The second portion of the workout felt good – my shoulder didn’t speak to me at all on the bench or pull-ups. I took note on how using that reverse grip on the pull-ups forces (keeps?) the shoulders into a good position. On the pull-ups the red band was too challenging (if the point was to keep moving, which I believe it was) and the blue band felt too easy. Next time I will spend more time setting it up , adjusting the height of the band on the rig itself.

 The last run of the day was awesome ’cause it was raining outside! By that time in the workout my hammies were pretty vocal. Double-unders felt solid.

 Tuesday’s workout… Ooh so much squeezing. I was (am) prettttty sore from Monday’s wave cycle, so the foam rolling felt amazing. Tuesday was definitely glute activation day and everything felt good. Much focus was required on the right side to keep quad from taking over.

03 December | Wednesday

I bought some protein powder. I really dislike how ALL of them have Stevia (with a capitol ‘S’ – as in brand name) in them. So I found this one:

no fucking stevia

It doesn’t have soy or any sugars or sweeteners in it, comes from grass-fed cows, and contains 21 grams of protein and 4.9 grams of BCAAs per serving. It also has a nice package, don’t you think? We’ll see how it tastes (likely pretty gross like the rest of them) but the way I see it, at least I can control what I’m adding to it for flavor (perhaps some quality unsweetened cocoa and dash of maple syrup).

02 December | Tuesday

Still working on getting the sleep on point.


“The nation that will insist upon drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking by cowards.” –Thucydides

How badass is that?

Found this really informative article via the social media today, “Stop Stretching, You’re Wasting Your Time – Here’s What to do Instead“. Awkward and somewhat misleading title. But it’s filled with info on hip pathology, adaptation, fake hip extension and other things I aspire to know more about.

If that sounds boring, here’s a great video on how to get Venus Dimples. “The first factor is genetics. You have no control over that. ” WTF? Some people aspire for scoops, other want back dimples. Apparently.

11 November | Tuesday

Echo Canyon
@ Camelback Mtn
2.5 miles of fun

10 November | Monday

-Facial release + mobility | 15:00

Warm-up | 3 rounds NFT:
10 wall balls
20 DUs
10 KBS

Training | 4 sets:
DB bench press x5 (30#, 35# SA fail, 35# KB fail)
3:00 rest
– then –
15:00 TGUs (25:00 @35, 44#, bottoms up @26#)

Stretch | 20:00

09 November | Sunday

Rest Day

From the top, I hiked Echo Canyon for the first time in over a year today. That is such a beautiful hike. And it turns out sunset on a “holiday” is a great time for it as the traffic on the trail was light. I made it to the top in just under 34:00, without running, just keeping  a steady pace. My fastest time to the top that I know of was 27:00. Not that it’s a race, I was just kinda wanting to test where I am with my aerobic base.

Echo in 34

Monday’s bottoms-up get-ups were really fun. And much more challenging that I’d thought they’d be. I look forward to continue to work on those. Now, why is it that I can lift more on the DB Bench when I am doing both arms at the same time vs single arm? The 30# DB didn’t feel all that challenging, but as there was only one 35# DB I tried using that single-arm style. And failed. Then I tried a pair of 35# KBs. And failed (but mostly because getting them in the position for bench was really awkward.) So I went back to the 30#. That was a long story. The end.

Sunday was an active rest day and it was nice.

Thinking I am going to stop the food logging in a week. I will have logged for 28 days, which seems like a good sample size. Totally slipped up on the sugar detox today. What? There were some madeleines in the office. They were delicious (and surprisingly sweet, so I think my buds are adjusting.)