In Contrast

“Put light against light – you have nothing. Put dark against dark – you have nothing. It’s the contrast of light and dark that give the other one meaning.” -Bob Ross

And here we have some contrast, of style or talent,  you be the judge. This is a work by Asger Jorn of the Situationist movement, I think. Hey, we’re not just butts and barbells around here, nah meh? (But mostly we are…)

And here’s an interesting podcast on how we think of our current selves in contrast to our future selves and how that fucks up our decision-making skills. I believe we call that projection bias.

And in case I deterred you with the duck up there, here’s some additional contrast:

past future-01.png
Past self vs future self

02 Sep | F
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10
Scap press x 10
SL Elev glute bridge x 10ea
TVA drops x 10

Work | x 30:00, rotating:
KB front rack carry x O-head to green rig; Farmers carry return (44#ers)
AD x 1:00
1-1/4 Back squat x 3 (90#)
HS walk x 10 meters (+10 UB!)
Row x 1:00

01 Sep | Th
Warm-up| 3x
Rope work x :30
KBS x 5
BB RDLs x 5

Work | 6:00 class
Deadlift 4 x 3 (185, 185, 195, 195#)
Rest x 2:00
2-Position clean 10 x 1 (95, 95, 105#…)
6-Minute Abs! (10# plate)

Stretch | 15:00

Goodbye, August | W
Warm-up |3x
Row x 1:00
Wall ball x 7
DUs x 20
Goblet squat x 5

Work | O-lifting – Week 1
Snatch-grip push press + OHS 5 x 2 across (100#)
Good mornings  x 3 (95#)
DB row x 12 (30#)
Front squat 3 x 5 (115#)
Iso-hold bench press 3 x 6-10s

Stretch/Talk it out | 20:00

30 Aug | Tu
Mobility | 3x
GA squat x 12
Prone Y raise x 16
Reverse curl-ups x 12

Warm-up | 3x:
OH walking lunges x 12
AD x 1:00
Palms-up BB row x 10

Work | 4x:
RDLs x 4 @5050 (125,135#…)
Rest x 1:00
Body row x 8
Rest x 1:00
SL hip thrusts 4 x 12 (15#)
Rest x 1:00 between the legs
AD x 10:00
E’ry 2:00, HS walk attempts x 3

Stretch | 15:00

Ah contrast. I was feeling so awesome before and during the Humphrey’s hike…

The intention this week was to do some moving and see what the response was in the hip-/back-/ass-on-the-funky-side region. So, yeah, did that. Really wanting to squat, but we had a reverse “Bump N’ Grind” situation: my mind was telling me yes, but my body, my booody was telling me no! So, what can I do to work da booty (okay, and the body) that isn’t squatting? Pulled some things from the archives… And things are feeling better, but some tightness remains in the back and in the hip when in the R-Kelly position.

Every time there’s a “rest a minute between legs” in my workout, my mind puts a “my” after the preposition and the gutter brain takes it from there…

spend some time there.gif

Gonna give Oly a try tomorrow. We’ll see if I’m walking funny after…


Press On

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On, has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.” -Calvin Coolidge

the MF saga continues
Iguana: The motherfucking saga continues…

21 Aug | Su
Mobility | 3x
Elbow plank + reach thru x 10 ea
Single-leg adductor sqaut x 10 ea
Banded hip bridges x 1:00

Work | x 25:00, rotating:
KB front rack carry x O-head to green rig (44#ers)
AD x 1:00
Sumo DL x 5 (155#)
HS walk x 10 meters (+10′ UB!)
Row x 1:00

Auxiliary | 3x
Reverse row sit-backs x 8
Leg curls in da rings x 8

Stretch | 20:00

20 Aug | Sa
Mobility | 3x
Wall press + rotation x 10
GA squats x 12
Hip hikes x 12 ea
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
KBS x 10
DUs x 30
Row x 1:00
Singe-arm banded rows x 10 ea

Work | O-lifting
2-Position snatch [hang-ground] 3 x 3 (65, 70, 70#)
1-1/4 OHS 3 x 3 (75, 85, 85#)
Halting snatch-grip DL [3s pause @ mid-thigh] 4 x 2 (135, 135, 135, 145#)
Side bridge 3 x max

Stretch | 15:00

The griddle wasn’t hot on Saturday. Rolled through. And then on Sunday… What I thought to be a recovery workout turned out to be some serious work, with those heavy front-rack carries. And I may have uncovered a kick-up approach that seems to get me to actually walk on the HS walks: staggered hand placement. Sunday’s soundtrack brought to you by the Love Me Nots: 

Nurture Your Nature

“Your life and destiny are determined to a large extent by your participation in the outcome.” ― Paul Stanley

Julie’s genes likely contribute to her a strong, uh, hand game

I seem to be on a podcast sharing run. That’s not changing today. I suggest you take a listen to this one: The Garage Gym Athlete’s Podcast with the Max El-Hag. I really like hearing what that guy has to say, and not just because of the way he pronounces “strength”. The interview covers a lot of territory, including, but not limited to, the evolution of CrossFit as a sport, the head game of personal growth, and how our individual genetic make-up predisposes us to be good at something and the importance of recognizing what that thing is.

Own it, Julie.

27 July | W
Mobility | Did some

Warm-up | 2x
Row x 1:00
DUs x 30
OH walking lunges

Work | O-lifting – Week 5
Mid-hang snatch pulls 4 x 2 (115, 125, 135, 145#)
Tall muscle snatch + mid-hang muscle snatch 4 x 2 (55#)
Snatch + OHS 8 x 1 (4@85, 3@90, 1@95#)
Med ball drops 3 x 8 (14#)

Static stretching | IDGAF what those bastards say, it’s nice. Do/did it anyway

26 July | Tu
Warm up | 3x
RDL x 10 empty bar
Row x 200m
Single-arm banded rows x 10 ea

Work | Deadlift – 205# base
Rest x 3:00 btwn sets
5 @ 55% (115#)
5 @ 65% (130#)
5 @ 75% (155#)
3 @ 85% (175#)
1+ @ 95% (4 @ 195#)
Pendlay row x 10 reps @ 75#
right into
Seated single-arm press x 10 (20#)
Rest x 2:00
KB front rack lunge x whiteboard to ball wall (35# KBs)
right into
Hanging leg raise x 8 reps
Rest x 2:00

A very sweaty stretch | 20:00

25 July | M
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10
Side plank clammie holds x :40
TVA leg drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
BB lunges x 12
BB row x 10

Workout | [from the archives]
Front squat 5×1 (125,135,145,150, 150#)
– then –
EMOM x10:00:
1-1/4 front squat x3 @50% of “A” (75#)
– then –
EMOM x10:00, rotating:
Slam ball x 10 (30#)
Wall walk x 1 + 10 hip taps x2

Stretch | 20:00

M | The squat session felt good. Funny how those wun-an-a-quatta squats add up by that last minute. Some shoulder things going on with the inverted hip and shoulder taps. Regular wall walks were good, so doubled-up on those instead.

Tu | The DLs felt strong; helps to be sore from the previous days squats, easy to feel the booty in action. The front rack lunges left me breathing like sprints. 

W | Felt so much better than last Wednesday going into the workout. Much less muscle soreness, and my head was in a very good place. Focused on elbow position on the pulls. Muscle snatches, still not my wheelhouse, but better than it did last week.

miyagi muscle snatch.gif
El Tigre pointed out the similarities between the muscle snatch and the paint-the-fence. Next time: headbands

 The snatch paired with the OHS felt solid, just a leeeedle bit slow. Here’s a vid of my last set, which was more of a power snatch + OHS:


Stillness + Stuckness

“Patience is also a form of action.” – Auguste Rodin

brit brit finger taps.gif
Brit Brit practicing her technique.

I’ve been picking up on lots of snippets about behavior patterns lately, recognizing them in oneself, and in your crew. This one from the Barbell Buddha has lots of good stuff in it. I really like the part about the craftsman’s mindset and the commentary on the banana hands.

13 July | W
Warm-up | Row + Mobility

Work | O-Lifting Week #2
Snatch shrug 3 x 3 (125,125,145#)
Muscle snatch 3 x 3 (55#)
1-1/4 OHS 3 x 3 (85,95,90#)
Elbow plank holds x 3 (2:05,1:15, 1:23)

12 July | Tu
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10
Prone Y raise x 8
Side plank + leg lift x :20 ea
Reaching dead-bugs x 1:00

Warm-up | 2x
TGU x 2 ea
DUs x 30

Work | 10x
Back squat x 5 @ 70% 1RM (125#)
Rest x 1:00
Banded row x 10
Rest x 1:00
KB front rack walking lunges 4 x 10 steps (2 with 35#s, 2 with 44#s)
Rest x 1:30 btwn sets
AMRAP DUs in 3:00 (160)

Stretch | 10:00

11 July | M
Mobility | 3x
Monster walk x 12 ea
Elbow plank + fwd tap x 6 ea
Side plank clam x :30 ea
Cossack lunge x 8 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 200m
Single arm banded rows x 12 ea
Standard RFESS split squats x 8 ea

Work | Back squat 5 x 1 (140,150,165,175,185#)
EMOM x 10:00:
1-1/4 Back squat x 3 @ 50 % (90#)
AD 30/30’s x 10:00 (106 cals – Ass. bike)

Stretch | 10:00

M | I really like the heavy singles + squat EMOM combo. So you fatigue a muscle group and then put that region under tension for some duration…

smarty pantsTu | Muscle soreness level high going into Tuesday’s session. In particular in the rear mid-thighs (Sometimes we call those hamstrings, Morgan. No, but really, up and to the center from the hamstrings.)

Performing 10 sets gave me lots of opportunity to reinforce the set-up ritual and breath. You know, so when I attempt heavy singles, I don’t mind fuck myself. The front-rack lunges were very challenging, ‘specially with the 44# kettlebells. That transition to the DUs was pretty funny – attempting to jump after all that.

W | O-lifting went fine.


The Shadow

“I guess we’re all two people. One daylight, and the one we keep in shadow.” -Bruce Wayne/Batman


Sunday Evening
A Lonely Roman by Pavel Svedomsky, 1884 | Well, doesn’t this just capture the feelings of Sunday night perfectly? Hey the Broncos got the win, and it was a great weekend, but goddammit if I didn’t fuck up the tiger rug again.

Have you read about Jung’s concept of the shadow aspect? Clearly Bruce Wayne did. From what I understand, your shadow aspect is that part of your personality you try to keep hidden. You know, the one that reveals itself when you find someone drives you completely insane. That’s just you, seeing your shadow.

The part I find most poetic is the belief that the more you try to hide your shadow aspect, the darker and more dense it becomes.

23 Jan | Sa
Work | O-Lifting
Clean pulls 5 x 2 @ 110% (160#)
Clean (high hang + below knee + full) 5 x 1
3 sets:
Lateral wall runs x 5 steps ea direction
Banded shoulder rolls x 20 ea direction
Armadillos x :20 (subbed Banded dead bugs x 1:00)

22 Jan | F
Warm-up | 3x
Goblet squat x 5
TGUs x 2 ea (44#)
Row x 200m

Work | 3 sets:
Ring rows x 5
GHR x 5
Rest x 1:00

RDLs 4 x 4 @5050 (135#)
Rest 2:00

EMOM x 10:00, rotating:
Front rack KB lunge x 10 (26#ers)
Handstand hold x :20 (:20 max)

Stretch | 10:00

21 Jan | Th
Warm-up | 3x
Monster walks x 12 ea
Banded clammies x 12 ea
Banded hip bridge x 12

Work | Back Squat 5 x 2 (125,135,145,155,155#)
4 sets:
Ninja rolls x 5 ea
Lateral wall runs x 5-8 ea direction (5)
Atomic plank tucks x 5

Stretch | 10:00

20 Jan | W
Work | O-lifting
Power clean + 1 hang clean 1 x 7 (105,115,115,125,125,125,130#)
Power snatch 7 x 1 (75,85,85,90,90,90,95#)
3 sets:
Armadillos x :20
Partner planks x :20
HS holds x :20

Some stretching | 10:00

19 Jan | Tu

Warm-up | 3x
Snatch-grip RDL x 5
Body Row x 5
Pulls x 5
Hang-Power x 5

Work | EMOM x 20:00, rotating
Power snatch x 3 @ 75#
DUs x 30
– Rest x 4:00 –
EMOM x 10:00
KBS x 10 (44#)

Stretch | 15:00

Tuesday | Did 26:00 on the first EMOM, the first 6:00 being some supplemental warm-up, with a 65# barbell. Some tightness in the flexors and the low back on the right side.

Wednesday | The snatch felt strong. Must have been all that practice on Tuesday. I dig the armadillos, though it puts all my “Christmas” in one place, which feels weird. 

not that one
Nope. Not that Christmas…
all I got was
That’s the one!

Thursday |  That booty warm up! Took several reps to get that back squat right, kept shifting into the flexors rather than the glutes, but eventually got it right. Single leg ninja rolls are hard! Switched to two-footed version after the second round.

Speaking of footed, have you ever seen the blue-footed boobies?

Likely not the boobies that came to mind. But this is just one, so he’s a booby

Friday | Hips were a little sore, but damn those RDLs. Fun workout; awesome energy in the gymnasium.

Saturday | Slept in a bit so I was late getting to the gymnasium; does walking the dog count as a warm-up? The meaty part of the booty is wiiiked sore (that’s for all my peeps on the east coast in the snowpacalypse). The clean pulls felt good, but the bottom of the clean didn’t so I 86’ed those.


The Great Listen

the great listen-01

I’m all about the old people this week. It started with this interview of author Anne Bernays as part of the The Changing Lives of Women series on NPR. It contains so many insights in such a short interview! And the part about people become socially invisible once they reach a certain age stuck with me.

“People look at you differently. And they tend to, you know, call you little lady and treat you as if, like, you were dumb. I mean, it’s the attitude of a lot of young people to older people. Whereas, I feel like I’m still a teenager.”

Technology plays a role in this social invisibility, whether it’s the older generations lack of ability or desire to connect through it, or because the younger generations lacks the ability or desire to connect in an analogue way.

I think this project from Story Corp is pretty awesome. The Great Thanksgiving Listen encourages folks, especially youth, to sit down and have a conversation with an elder. Man, do I wish I had had something like this for each of my grandparents and my dad. There’s something about having a story in a person’s own voice that is so powerful. And it provokes conversations that might not happen on their own. You win this time, technology.

Who would you interview? Why not do it this week and be part of the greater conversation.

22 Nov | Su
Pillars | 3 rounds
Arch up x 10
Prone glute press x 10
SL Elevated glute bridge x 10 ea
Wall leg drop x 14

Warm-up | AD x 5:00
3 rounds:
Wall ball x 7
KBS x 7
DUs x 20

Work | Snatch pulls 7 x 2 @ 110% (115#)
Segment snatch + :02 pause above knee 7 x 2 @ 70% (70#)
3 sets:
Banded knee abduction + OH press x 10 ea
Reverse Fly x 10

Stretch real good | 20:00

20 Nov | F
Warm up | 3 rounds
Bench press x 10
Hanging shoulder protraction /retraction x 10
DUs x 30

Work | Bench press + chains 5 x 3 (95,105,105,105,110#) PR!
Rest x 3:00
EMOM x 12:00
Odds – KBS x 10 @ 53#
Evens – DUs x 30

Stretch Sesh

19 Nov | Th 
MFR | 5:00
Pillars | 3 rounds
Wall angle press x 10
Scaption press x 7 @:05 ea
GA squats x 8

Work | Recovery
EMOM x 30:00
1st: Beeinch x 3 + 20 DUs (65#)
2nd: OHS x 3 (65#)
3rd: AD

18 Nov | W 
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Row – quick start x 4
Wall squats x 10

Work | CrossFit
3 sets:
Row x 150m (:30,:30,:30.1,30.8)
Slam ball x 5 (20#)
Rest x 2:00
4 sets:
External DB rotation x 8ea (5# plates)
Right into
Death March (26# KBs)
Rest x 2:00

Work | O-Lifting
C+ J 7 x 1 (115#)
Box squats 5 x 5 (75,95,115,115,115#)
3 sets:
SL Banded (outside) RDLs x 10ea
Reverse fly x 10 (7.5#)
Death March (26# KBs)

Stretch | 15:00

17 Nov | Tu
Pillars | 3 rounds
Flexed arm hang x :25
Prone glute press x 10
SL Elevated glute bride x 10 ea

Warm up | 3 rounds
Single-arm press x 10 ea
DU’s x 30
Banded rows x 10

Work | Press – 75# base
Rest x 3:00 btwn
5 @ 50% (45#)
5 @ 60% (45#)
3 @ 70% (55#)
3 @ 80% (60#)
3+ @ 90% (6 @ 70#)
4 sets:
GH raise x 7
right into
Monster walks x 12 ea
right into
Banded hip bridge x 12 reps
Rest x 1:30

Stretch 2.0 | 25:00

16 Nov | M
Pillars | 3 rounds
Plank raise x 6 @:10
Side plank clam x :40 ea
GA squat x 5
Super bird dog x 10 ea

Warm up | 3 rounds
RDL x 10 empty bar
Row x 200m
Single-arm banded rows x 10 ea

Work | Deadlift – 205# base
Rest x 3:00 btwn sets
5 @ 55% (115#)
5 @ 65% (130#)
5 @ 75% (155#)
3 @ 85% (175#)
1+ @ 95% (4 @ 195#)
4 sets:
Pendlay row x 10 reps @ 75#
right into
Single-arm press x 10 (26#)
Rest x 2:00
3 sets:
KB front rack lunge x whiteboard to ball wall (26# KBs)
right into
Hanging leg raise x 8 reps
Rest x 2:00

Stay Bendy | 20:00

Monday | Have you ever done a clammie side plank!? Holy crap. So. Much. Squeezing. The deadlifts felt good. The first pull on my last set felt pretty ugly, as did the last rep. They didn’t look SO bad in the vid…

Look at me, loading the bar like a noob! The Pendlay rows at that weight were a challenge. Really felt it in the mid-back. The font-rack lunges were easy with the left leg leading and hard with the right.

Tuesday | I was all kinds of sore in regions of the flutes I haven’t experienced such soreness before. Press went how it usually does; it’s easy until it’s not. Here’s the last set:

Looks like someone needs to be more cognizant of their posture, Hunchy. Again with the banded hip bridges – felt those a ton.

Wednesday | Double duty was fun; 5:00 class was an awesome crew and it was nice to have the energy of class to help push on the row. The box squats felt so much more… right than the first time, and I was able to put some weight on the bar.

with chains

Friday | Again with the new movements feeling better – the shoulder pro-retraction was so much easier to perform. Establishing pathways or something. Pretty excited that I PR’d my bench whilst using chains. Unexpected.

Sunday | An additional perk of remote coaching is the ability to access the gym most anytime. It was so very zen to be able to put on my music and just move the body. And some of Phoenix’s finest swung by to make sure the garage door was open intentionally. Thoughtful.

And on the nutrition front…

Ah, cuffing season




Leveling Up

“It is easy to be heavy; hard to be light.” –G.K. Chesterton

so much bigger

One of my Sunday morning rituals is checking out the Sunday Secrets whilst sipping my coffee and tossing the ball around for Bo Bardi. That image is from this weeks post and it struck me. Do you ever have moments, or phases, where you get that feeling? Times when it seems the universe is telling you it’s time to level-up? I sure do. Maybe even as I write these words…

Here’s another one from this week, which provided some insight as to what in the hell the draw is to spin class. Dark room, loud music, painful seat, and a mic-ed up instructor that doesn’t stop screaming at you for the duration of class. I don’t get it.

oh so thats why they love spin class

Ah ha! Well, you just get on with your randy selves. Find your inspiration where you will.

27 Sept | Su
Summit Challenge Prep | Holbert Trail
South Mountain

26 Sept | Sa
Summit Challenge Prep | Piestewa Peak

Olé Class | Snatch:
1×1 @80% (80#)
1×2 @85% (85#)
3×1 @90% (90#)

Snatch Balance:
1×4 @60% (60#)
1×3 @65% (65#)
3×3 @70% (70,75,75#)

Stretch | 20:00

25 Sept | F
MFR | 5:00
Warm-up | 5:00
Front squat x10
Single-arm band rows x10 ea
Run x100m

Work |  Front squat (135# base)
Rest x3:00 btwn
5 @50% (70#)
5 @60% (80#)
3 @70% (95#)
3 @80% (110#)
3+ @90% (7 @120#)
5 rounds:
Front rack KB lunges x10 steps (26# KBs)
GHR x5
DUs x30
4 sets:
Dead bugs x1:00
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00

24 Sept | Th
Mobility |
UBB Assessment:
Scapular Stability | Prone Y Raise
Core Activation | TVA Leg Drop
Hip Stability | Clam Side Plank
Strong Glutes | Super-Bird Dog
Postural Strength | Cobra
Strong Feet

Stretch | 20:00

23 Sept | W
C + J:
2+2 @80% (105#)
2+1 @85% (115#)
2x(1+1) @90% (120#)
Front Squats:
3×1 @75% (115#)
3×1 @80% (125#)
3×1 @85% (130#)
3×2 @90% (140#)

Stretch | 25:00

22 Sept | Tu
Warm-up | 5:00:
Jog x100m
Push press x5 empty bar
KBS x5 @35#

Work | 10:00 @ a consistent pace: (5+100)
Run x200m (sub row)
Wall ball x10
– Rest x4:00 –
10:00 @ a consistent pace: (9)
Body rows x5
DU’s x20
Box jump step down x5 @20″
– Rest x4:00 –
10:00 @ a consistent pace: (4+15)
AD x10 cals
Sit ups x10
Push-ups x5
Run x100m

Stretch | 20:00

Tuesday | It was raining like a motherbitch…


… And I didn’t deserve it! Sooo I subbed rowing on the warm-up and the first segment. Mother nature had calmed down by the last round, so run I did. The body rows were rough. My right shoulder really wants to shrug the moment I get a little fatigued. My solution was to let go of the bar, reset and try again. That seemed to do the trick, though it slowed me down a little bit, but…

Position > Movement > Speed > Load

What  is this training cycle I am doing called? The five sets with the last set being AMRAP?

Wednesday | So many front squats. Felt good, though that pesky right side was speaking just a little bit. Tight right lat, mid-back, and tricep in the front rack position. Was mindful of that and was prepared to stop if need be. But I didn’t need to.

Thursday | Holy sore abs! It had been a while since I did the standard ab mat sit-ups and ooh hay, did I feel ’em. Got my wig done earlier in the day. My entrance into the gymnasium went a little something like this…

My recovery workout was warming up a little bit then doing the Unbreakable Body Assessment. It was pretty enlightening, especially the Clam Side Planks and Super Bird Dogs. I swear I didn’t make those up. The goal this week is to establish a habit incorporating the pillars into my regime.

Friday | Some more front squats! Tilton instructed me to loosen my grip, which allowed me to get that bar really high, you know, pretty much choking myself. It’s painful on the collarbones, but man does help maintain the upright position!

Yep, the front rack lunges are still harder on the right side.

Saturday | Started the day out with some sunrise viewing from the top of Piestewa Peak. Oly class felt good, though I did the first segment twice because barbell math. The lady bar is not 45#. Right.

Sunday | Glutes are SO sore. This satisfies me as I’m not sore  AT ALL in my hip flexors, which in the past have been lit up after hiking and/or squats. Put in some extra time on the foam roller post-hike.

Holbert 9-27
Not pictured: Jennifer K, Kate, Amanda, Me and my spotted doggie

Nutrition | Some notes from the first 24-hour fast:
+2 hrs – I think it’s gonna be a productive afternoon without all of that “pesky” food prep, consumption, and clean-up. Shit, I should just go Soylent – think of how much time I’d have to do shit. And all that soy would totally give me bigger boobs. And leg fat. Ridiculous.
+8.5 hrs – hunger level 3/10, feeling pretty good.
+19 hrs – slept solidly. Got a solid 8 #ifonlythatwereinchesinsteadofhours
Woke up feeling like I had fitness competitors abs. Felt the hunger level go up a little bit during/after morning dog walk. I’d say my hunger is level 5/10.
+23 hrs – definitely feeling hungry, but in a surprisingly good mood. I did notice that I didn’t experience a “sleepy” phase this morning. No drowsy drive in, which can happen on occasion. And was called “chipper” by our structural engineer this morning. That’s a definite first.

Having a helluva time eating more carbs