Inspired Curiosity

 “… When you just sit in silence the wind blows through you, the sun shines in you and you realize you are not your body, you are everything.” -Anita Krizzan

What’s your favorite color? But shouldn’t it be called the Emotion Wheel?

I’ve been crushing on all things Training Think Tank this week. Despite not giving the slightest of fucks about The CrossFit Games myself, their series The Road to The Games 2017 is entertaining and an excellent source of laughs and gym jams. (And where I eyed the Feeling Wheel for the first time, pinned up behind Max’s desk, which inspired some curiosity on this end – what’s that about and why is it so prominently placed…?) I have been such a groupie that I maybe even bought a tank to rep at Globo Mountain. Future selfie.

In that light, I share with you this episode of The Aussies, interviewing the Mastermind behind TTT, Max-El Haag. They cover aspects of training, like stepping away from the barbell and doing weird shit in order to get better with the barbell (#globocycle), intensity as a distraction and why staying present in your movement is so fucking hard, and lessons on nutrition (I’ll leave you to discover that gem of a quote on your own). But my favorite parts on the conversation were on the other stuff – on training beyond the body, and on not compromising your own nature and instead figuring out how it can serve you.

 “I don’t want that to be true; how do I make that not true tomorrow?” -Max El-Haag

What are you training today?

17 May | W
Mobiilty | 2x
Single-leg elev hip bridges x 10 ea
Elbow plank + fwd tap x 10 ea
Pope clammies x 15 ea

Warm-up | 2x
Wall balls x 10
KBS x 7
KB press x 5 ea
KB RDL x 7 ea

Work | [So Much Yes]
A1. TGUs 4 x 3 ea (35, 40, 45, 50#); Rest x :30
A2. Doggie hip ext. holds x :15 ea; Rest x :30
B1. GHR [roman chair] 3 x 10 ( – ,10,10#); Right into
B2. RNT rev lunge x 10 ea @3111; Resss x 1:00
C. Back squat 5 x 3 @22×1 (115, 125, 125, 135, 140#); Rest x 3:00
D. KB FR lunge 3 x 10 ea (30#ers); Rest x 1:00

18 May | Th

Warm-up | 2x
Wall walk x 2
KB things

Work | 5x:
Single-arm KB carry x 25m ea (2 OH @45#, 3 SC #60#)
Deadlift x 5 @165#
Handstand holds x 3
Row x 1:00

Stretch | 10:00

20 May | Sa
Mobilize It | 3x
GA squat x 10
Scap press x 10
Pope clammies x 15
Pistol holds x :15 ea

Get Toasty | 3x
Row x 1:00
DUs x 20
Palms-up BB row x 8

Work | [Assembled from the archives]
A1. DB RDLs 5 x 8 (55, 60, 60, 65, 65#); Rest x 1:00
A2. Captains x 20; Rest x 1:00
B. Seated cable rows 4 x 10 (60#); Rest x 1:00
C. Seated hammies 3 x 10 (70, 75, 80#); Rest x 1:00
D. EMOM x 10:00 KBS x 7 (60#) + push-ups x 5

Stretch | 15:00

W | Um, get-ups and back squats. Not sure it gets much more up my alley than that. Really had fun with this workout. The most awkward of the session award goes to RNT lunges; that 3s drop be trick-aaay. I was really happy with how the back squats felt; no bad pain anywhere. Worked the heart beat hold with a plate drill between sets as that’s where I find I “give” when I don’t keep my abs braced or fill up the cavity.

Questions for The Sheriff:  This Globo Mountain doesn’t have more than a 30# pair of kettle bells. Would it be better to grab heavier dumbbells, or do single arm or goblet grip with a heavier KB – for the loaded lunges?

Th | Subbed the walk for an indoor jacked + tanned-ish. Must locate a sled and an AD #MorgunzideFidness

Sa | Feeling really good. 

Su | How to recover, brought to you by neature: 

DTP does CBQ | Cibecue Falls, AZ
Cibecue Fallin.JPG
Cool waters, blue skies, good people… and a waterfall finish


So What

“Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, ‘So what.’ That’s one of my favorite things to say.” – Andy Warhol

what if

No words today. Just some slam bass and lyrics. Say what?!

05 May | F
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Single-leg bird dogs x 10 ea
Wall-pressing dead bugs x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
KB – Swings x 5
Single-arm swings x 5 ea
Goblet squats x 3
Snatch x 3
RTW x 5 ea
RDL x 5 ea

Work |
A. TGU x 3 ea x 4 sets (45#); Rest x :30
B1. Back extensions x 10; right into
B2. RNT rev lunge x 10 ea @3111; Rest x 1:00
C. Front squat 5 x 3 @22×1 (3@115#, 2@125#); Rest x 3:00
D. Snatch-grip RDL [3] x 6 @3111 (95#); Rest x 1:30

06 May | Sa
MFR | 10:00

Mobility | 3x
Single-leg adductor squats x 8 ea (18” box)
Prone y raise x 8 (hip tuck, abs engaged)
Pope clammies x 15 ea (fire)

Work |
Bike x 10:00
5x: Row x 300m + cable tris x 10 (40#)
Bike x 10:00
5x: Row x 300m + SA DB press x 5 ea (25#) + slam ball x 7 (20#)
Bike x 10:00

07 May | Su
Mobilization | 3x
GA squats x 10 (wider stance)
Scap press x 10
Pope clammies x 12 ea
Side plank + leg lift (knee) x :20 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
SA KB press x 5 ea @25#
Slam ball x 5 @ 20#

Work |
A1. TGU 3 x 3 ea (44#)
A2. GHR x 10
B. [Single-arm] Front rack KB lunge onto 45# plate 3 x 8 ea (26, 35, 44#); Rest x 1:30
C. Power snatch 10 x 2 (2@75, 3@85, 2@90, 3@95#); Rest x 2:00
D1. Kneeling BU KB press 3 x 8 ea (18#); Rest x 1:00
D2. Single-arm seated cable row X 6 ea @21×2 (30#): Rest x 1:00

F | Those get-ups added up. Really liked those reverse lunges. Front squats felt good once I stopped watching myself in the mirror and focused on feeling the movement. The footage totally revealed I was cheating the time at the bottom. Again. The RDLs were tricky with the different barbells; the gnarling is located closer to the center so there was some grip slip… All in all a decent training session; the right hip is bugging a little bit.

Sa | Spent extra time working out some spots with the foam roller and lacrosse ball. Explored a few warm-up moves from the Pope featured in this vlog:

It’s fun to see behind the curtain, all the pre-lifting work that goes down. My hip was bugging pretty good, but the mobility drills seemed to get things toasty. By the time I got to the slam balls (the hole being the test) things were moving without issue.

The last round on the bike I had company next to me; I was jamming out to some music but the dude’s stride kept catching my attention. I realized that while I had constant pressure on the pedal, he seem to bounce out of the bottom. If I drew a diagram mine would look like a circle and his would look two vertical lines going opposite one another, up then down. Interesting… still pondering, is it a learned movement pattern, compensation, lazy glutes, did he not have waffles for breakfast? These are big questions, people.

Su | Needed one of those NBA towel kids to help me out during the get-ups in the “Functional” area of Globo Mountain. Slippery suckers. Added the “single arm” to the lunges because they only had one of each weight of KBs. The snatches felt so much nicer (snappier) than last time, but I also found a 15 kilo bar, which made all the difference with the grip. Left side was sticky on the “D”…

Auto Create

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” – Albert Einstein

obvious moose-01

obvious moose-01-01
[Top] My drawing of a moose. Obviously! [Bottom] Indeed. An AutoDraw interpretation of my creation. The AI knows me better than I know myself

Dear 2017, I am totally digging all the unfolding information you’re putting forth on consciousness. Is it just me or does it seem like that arena is expanding in leaps? Eh. Maybe it’s just my own timeline for crossing the threshold – like the new gym digs, and soon-to-be new work digs. Check out this article on creativity and consciousness. Have you heard of the big five personality traits? I had not. To which of the five do you gravitate most?

On gravity, I’m seriously into the visuals in this vid about, hmm, creating in space:

Space Sex is Serious Business from Tom McCarten on Vimeo.

17 Apr | M
Mobility | 2x
Wall slides x 10
Single-leg elevated hip bridges x 10 ea
Elbow plank + fwd tap x 10 ea

Work | “Cardio”
Bike x 15:00
Row x 15:00 (3475m)
Wall-facing handstand holds x :20 (oops – did :30)
[OHW] lunges x 20
DUs x 20

Stretch | 20:00

19 Apr | W
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Single-leg elevated hip bridges x 10 ea
TVAs x 15

Warm-up | 2x
KBS – single-arm – snatch – RDL x 5 ea
DUs x 30
Pistols x 3 ea

Work |
A1. DB RDLs 5 x 8 (4 @55#, 6-fuck that dude stole the 60’s… 65#)
Rest x 1:00
A2. Captain Morgans x 20
Rest x 1:00
B. Seated cable rows 4 x 10 (60, 70 rep 7, 60, 60#); Rest x 1:00
C. 5x:
GHR x 10
DUs x 30
FLR x :30

Bonus round: Bike x 20:00

20 Apr | Th
Pre-Warm-up | 3x
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Scap press x 10
Reaching dead bug x 5 ea + 5

Warm-up | 3x
KBS – snatch – goblet – round the’s – RDL x 5 ea

Work | [From the archives #butglobo]
A. Back squat 7 x 2 (145#); Rest x 2:00
B1. Death march x 10 (30# DBs); Right into
B2. [Cable] Tricep push-downs (40# – rope grip); Right into
B3. Row x 250m (59, 57, 58, 57, 55s); Rest x 1:00
C. Laying hamstring curls 3 x 10 (50#); Rest x 1:00

M | Mondays are prime time at the globo. The warm-up/mobility area was crowded. Gotta find another corner to pull some warm-up antics in; I am certain I can do that. Biking for 15:00 – no sweat. Well, sweat, yes, but nothing like rowing for 15:00. The low back bugged around minute 8:00; proceeded with caution and all feels well today. Fingers crossed there’s no new signage up regarding wall walks…

W | Doing DUs with the gym’s featherweight ropes is tricky, but that’s cool. Having straps and a rope with me allowed me to take up all the floor space for the Captains. This was the GHD version I used:

A roman chair – pairs well with the helmet, I wonder 

But next time I am totally gonna try these:

the very good girls
Do we call thees the really good girls, or the gym gems…?

Th | Warmed up, then explored the hack squat machine. Decided to try out the squat rack. Had to adjust my step-back a teeensy bit, but mostly found it awesome to have a mirror straight ahead. Thank you Mountainside Fitness for your “Look Jacked” lighting package. The squats felt good, a little heavy, but that’s to be expected. Fought for that last round on the erg; machine calibration or what – last time I did this workout I was right around fiddy-five seconds for all five rounds. Wrapped up with the laying hammie machine… Holy Fuck. My strangs have not experienced this level of fire in memory.

Back in the groove with the time-restricted eating window. Feeling the fast.

The Reds

“Sometimes you have to do something unforgivable just to be able to go on living.” – Carl Jung


Illustration by The Joy of Seex

Jung keeps popping up on my radar lately; I’m thinking it’s the holidays and all the emotions expressed by the “collective unconscious” over the course of them. Perhaps, not. But, I found this article on The Red Book of Jung to be an amusing read.

And for some quotes of quotes of quotes, here’s a little snippet:

Creating the book also led (Carl) Jung to reformulate how he worked with clients, as evidenced by an entry … found in a self-published book written by a former client, in which she recalls Jung’s advice for processing what went on in the deeper and sometimes frightening parts of her mind.

“I should advise you to put it all down as beautifully as you can — in some beautifully bound book,” Jung instructed. “It will seem as if you were making the visions banal — but then you need to do that — then you are freed from the power of them. . .  Then when these things are in some precious book you can go to the book & turn over the pages & for you it will be your church — your cathedral — the silent places of your spirit where you will find renewal. If anyone tells you that it is morbid or neurotic and you listen to them — then you will lose your soul — for in that book is your soul.”

Ooh, I really dig that last part. And the section about the “big dreams”. The last one I had was pretty fucked up. I suppose I should write that down.

22 Dec | Th
Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
BB RDL x 10
BB row x 10

Work | EMOM x 30:00, rotating:
Deadlift x 3 + DUs x 40 (165#)
Clean + front squat + front squat (115#)
AD x 1:00

21 Dec | W
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Scap press x 10
TVAs x 15

Warm-up | AD + DUs

Work | O-lifting – Week 8
Jerk balance 3 x 1 (75, 85, 85#)
Front squat + jerk 3 x 1 (105, 115, 125#)
Clean + jerk [across] 5 x 1 (2@ 135, 3@140#)
Good mornings 3 x 6 (95#) 

Handstand shenanigans + stretch | 15:00

20 Dec | Tu
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10 ea
Hip hikes x 15 ea
OH kneeling hold things x :30
Reverse curl-ups x 10

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Wall walk x 2 (UB)
Palms-up BB row x 10
SL RDL x 8 ea

Work | “A”
Back squat 7 x 2, rest x 2:00 @70-ish% 1RM (135#)
GH raise 5 x 10, rest x 1:00 (15#)
Banded triceps push-downs x 10, rest x 1:00
KB Sotts press x 3 ea; rest x 1:00 (26#)
Banded hamstring curls 3 x 4-5 ea

Stretch x 15:00

Tu | Read this, then tried this

Yeah, felt it in my jacked shoulder… Hmmm. Boom-(that’d be explosive)-out-the-bottom back squats felt good. The KB sotts press left me with some questions. If I’m struggling with lockout at the top… That’s a mobility issue, yes? So, would one drop weight until lockout could be achieved? Or is lockout not the point? Also, that KB takes a very different path to the top depending upon which side is doing the pressing. I need to dig into this sotts business a little more. Detective Morgan. 

W | The hip is still not happy with some movements, but, man, am I happy with how the clean and jerks are feeling. I remember when 135# was a real struggle #nomas

Th | Express workout from the archives. Wanted to get in some movement, but also had a ballet date with the Amazon belly-dancer. So, got in, did some work, got outta there; mission: accomplished.

Interesting how shitty my skin is and how the headaches and congestion have been more frequent as I’ve been indulging in the sugar and booze… Connected? Connected. Consciously.

Weak Spots

“Up to a point a person’s life is shaped by environment, heredity, and changes in the world about them. Then there comes a time when it lies within their grasp to shape the clay of their life into the sort of thing they wish it to be. Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, lack of good fortune or the quirks of fate. Everyone has the power to say, ‘This I am today. That I shall be tomorrow.'”- Louis L’Amour

Shawn Huckins, James Beard: The Fuck?

Mr. L’Amour’s words seem a fitting reminder for today’s elections, and conjure up some counter points to the content of my current read, The Sports Gene. More on that once I’ve completed it. So far the highlights have been the 5:1 muscle ratio bookshelf analogy and the narrator’s impersonations of quotations from other researchers. (Is it a “read” if it’s an audio book? Normally I’d say no, but tonight nothing makes a lick of sense.)

08 Nov | Tu
Mobility | 3x
Adductor squat x 10 ea
Single-leg elevated glute bridge x 10 ea
Single-arm plank x :20 ea

Warm-up | 3x:
AD x 1:00
Wall walk x 1
V-up x 10

Work | Press 7 x 5 [across] (3 @65, eeked out 1 @70, 3 @ 65#)
right into
DUs x 20
Rest x 2:00
RFESS 5 x 8 ea (35# KBs)
Rest x 1:00 btwn legs
3x: GHR x 8 (15#)
right into
Push-ups x 8
Rest x :20

Stretch ‘n’ Share | 20:00

07 Nov | M
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Prone Y raise x 10
Glute press x 10

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Wall ball x 10
Banded row x 10

Work | Back squat 7 x 5 (135, 145,145, 155, 155, 160 (4), 155#)
Rest x 2:00
KBS x 5 @44#, right into
KB row x 10 ea (26#), right into
DUs x 50 (UB, UB, 49, 49, UB)
Rest x 1:30

Stretch + Handstand walkin’ | 20:00

05 Nov | Sa
Mobility | 3x
GA squat  x 10
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Plank + fwd tap x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
DUs x 30
Shoulder roll with the bands x 10 ea direction

Work | Lifting
Snatch balance [build] 4 x 2 (70, 75#)
Snatch-grip pause DL [BTK, focus on lats] 3 x 3 (135, 145, 155#)
High-hang snatch + 1-1/4 OHS 6 x 1 (85, 95#…)
Med ball drops 3 x 10 (14, 14, 20#)

Some stretching.

Sa | Felt like I was landing nice and low on the snatch. Video proved otherwise.

M | In the morning hours I tested the back with a short-ish hike, about 4 miles, up South Mountain. Seems like that’s about the mileage threshold. The evening squats felt good and strong. Arbitrarily wanted to hit 165# on the last set, but fuck me legs were terrrd. The single-arm rows got really challenging at set 4 on the left side, which is not the jacked up side, having to reset before each rep to get that lat to do the work. DUs: 50 is the new 40 – pushing the datum.

Tu | Press is a weak spot (queue the Detroit Cobras). Sixty-five got sticky on the last rep, seventy was neck straining on rep three. Dafuq?  The 35# KBs were the lightest available due to TGU class workout, so… gave it a go. And was pleasantly surprised. On my way to 1/3 BW in each mitt for… what was that Rx rep scheme again?

Glistening Bollocks

“I want to taste and glory in each day, and never be afraid to experience pain; and never shut myself up in a numb corner of nonfeeling, or stop questioning and criticizing life and take the easy way out. To learn and think: to think and live; to live and learn: this always with new insight, new understanding, and new love.” -Sylvia Plath

And to lighten things up a bit from the weight of the bell jar there, here’s a solid read on The Pursuit of Happiness.

09  Oct | Su
Mobility | 3x
Chin-over-bar holds x :20
Cossack lunge x 8 ea
Elbow plank + fwd tap x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Wall ball x 10
BB pres x 5
Palms fwd BB row x 10
BB sit-ups x 10

Work | EMOM x 30:00, rotating:
Incline bench x 3 (75#) + DUs x 30
1-1/4 OHS x 3 (80#)
Assault bike x 1:00
DB row x 12 ea (25#)
Rest x 1:00
Banded T’s x 10 (Yella)
Rest x 1:00

Stretch | 15:00

08 Oct | Sa
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10
Wall rotation + press x 10
Single-leg elev hip bridge x 10 ea
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
DUs x 30
Banded rows x 10

Work | O-lifting – Week 6
Muscle snatch 4 x 2 (65#)
Snatch balance 8 x 1 [build] (4 sets @ 70#)
Snatch high-pull x 2 (115#)
Snatch x 2 (75, 75, 85#)
ISO back squats 4 x 10s

07 Oct | F
Mobility | 3x
Single-leg adductor squat x 8 ea
Scap press x 10
Prone glute press x 10
Reverse curl-ups x 10

Work | x 30:00, rotating:
Carries x 100m (44#ers: see notes)
AD x 1:00
Sumo DL x 5 (155#)
HSW x 12′ (10′ UB max)
Row x 1:00

Stretch | 15:00

06 Oct | Th
Mobility | 3x
GA skwaat x 10
Elbow plank + reach thru x 10 ea
Prone y raise x 10
Hanging leg raise x 10

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
KBS x 10
Single-arm press x 7 ea

Work [Favorite] | 4x:
Box squats x 5 (115#)
Hip thrusts x 10 (115#)
GH raise x 10 (15#)
Rest x 2:00
TGUs x 15:00 (44,53#)

Stretch | 15:00

Booty blast Thursday (!) made for a Recovery Friday. The lighter sumos helped alleviate some of the soreness in the region where the ‘strangs meet the glutes. The carries were uncomfortable as designed; switched from front rack to OH + suitcase after three rounds – kept losing my shoulder position. After two rounds of the OH/suitcase combo went to farmer’s style, because I was doing the neck strain thing. Perhaps it would have been better to just use lighter KBs from the start and maintain the front rack carries…?

Saturdays Oly: Tight mid-back. Man, snatches felt so awesome last week! Couldn’t get the back to fire on the snatch balance; s-l-o-w, bent elbows. Stopped after 4 attempts when it was clear it wasn’t gonna happen. Rolled through the remainder of the workout keeping it on the lighter side. Felt those ISO holds the rest of the day #CNSdonezo

Came in on Sunday with the intention to just foam roll. Decided to EMOM, too. 

Post-EMOM Sunday feels. And a true story

Sleep Cycles

“For darkness restores what the light cannot repair.” – Joseph Brodsky

From Living Pictures by photographer Anne Laure-House

I like that photographer’s work. It reminds me of being a kid in the backseat of the Grand Marquis (the one that Mom murdered a deer with once) driving through town from dinner and cards at the grandparents house, me peering into the houses as we passed. Even then I liked checking out architecture. And people watching.

I also liked this Mind Muscle Project Podcast episode about the magic in your guts, detoxifying sleep, and the hydration wolf.

What the wolf looks like when you don’t fucking sleep

23 July | Sa
Mobility | 2x:
Wall rotation + press x 10
GA squat x 10
OH walking lunches x 10
Super bird dogs x 10 ea

Warm-up | Row x 500m
Some slam balls + DUs

Work | O-lifting – Week 4
Clean pull 5 x 2 (155, 165, 165, 175, 175#)
Hang clean + High-hang clean 5 x 1 (115, 115, 120, 120, 125#)
(Clean x 1 + jerk x 2) x 5 (115, 115, 125, 125, 115#)
Split squat 3 x 8 (BB)

Stretch | 20:00

22 July | F
Mobility | 3x
SA plank x :30 ea
Hip hikes x 15 ea
Hanging leg raise x 10

Warm-up | 3x
Wall balls x 10
BB lunges x 10
SA banded rows x 10 ea
V-ups x 10

Work | 4x
Banded chin-ups x AMRAP-1 (7,9,7,6 w/ 2 purps)
right into
DB single arm press x 8 ea (20+5#)
Rest x 2:00
GH raise x 10 (15#)
Rest x 1:00
Incline bench press x 5 reps (75#)
right into
DUs x 40
Rest x 2:00

Stretch | 30:00

F | Not so much energy today. Gotta get that sleep back in line. Fought the scap wings on the chin-ups. For the amount of calluses I have on my hands, those fuckers sure are delicate. Grip on the bar was a contributing factor. Seventy-five felt pretty heavy on the beeeinch until – on the final set – I really focused on the keeping my glutes engaged. Last set, best set.

Sa | The usual post-chin up feels in my right shoulder. Cleans felt solid, but the second jerks on both sets of 125# were ugly. Or at least they felt ugly. Dropped lbs on the last set. Feeling like I need some jerk work. 

This week I have to re-prioritize the sleep. And try to up my hydration game with this end of days heat we are having. Still trying to find my warm-up groove for O-lifting. Step one might be headphones.