Account Ability

“I don’t pay attention to the world ending. It has ended for me many times, and begun again in the morning.” -Nayirrah Waheed

add it up

If you left your shit laying around somewhere it might get taken, whose fault is that? The asshole who swiped it. Meh. What about the fool who left it laying there…?

If you made plans to do an early morning thing with a group of friends, but then chose  one too many cocktails the night before, where would you place the blame for cancelling last minute on your friends? What words would you choose? Did you “have” to cancel, or did you “choose” to flake out? Did the “night kick your ass” or did know how it was going to end before it started?

I’m not angry, but let’s call it what it is, am I right?

27 Dec | W
Warm-up | 3x
Banded RDLs x 8 ea
Banded rows x 10 ea
Windmills x 5 ea @30#
Pistols x 2 ea

Work |
A. 5x:
Row x 2:00
PUs x 5
Scap PUs x 10
B1. Push-ups 5 x 5 + KBS x 5 [1:00] (60#)
B2. RDLs x 10 [1:00] (55#ers)
C. Hanging knee raise 3 x 15 [:30] (15, 10+5, 5+5+1+1+1+1+1)

29 Dec | F
Warm-up | 3x
Messed around with TGU variations x 10:00

Work |
A. Stairs x 15:00
B. Bike x 15:00
C. 5x:
Farmer carry x 30m (55/60#)
SA OH carry x 30m ea
BU carry x 30m (25#)
Hollow rocks x :15
D. Stairs x 10:00

30 Dec | Sa
Warm-up | 3x
Slam balls x 7 @ 20#
Monster walks x 10 ea direction
Barbell rows x 7

Work |
A. Bike x 20:00
B. 4x:
Hip extensions x 10 (10#)
RNT x 5 ea
BS x 5
C. BS 5 x 5 [3:00] (3@145, 150, 155#)
D. 1-1/4 FS 3 x 5 [1:30] (105#)
E. (Cable?) Pallof press 3 x 20 reps (20#)

Stretch | 13:00

31 Dec | Su
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Popes x 12 ea

Work | [From the archives]
A1. SL KB RDL 3 x 10 ea (40, 45, 45#)
A2. SA KB snatch x 3 ea KB goblet squat x 6 @ 33×1 (35#)
A3. KBS x 15 (45#)
B. DL 5 x 3 [3:00] (195, 200, 3@ 205#)
C. Snatch-grip RDL 3 x 10 [2:00] (105#)
D. Marching pallofs 4 x 20 [1:00] (5#)

Stretch | Home yoga

01 Jan | M
Boulder Canyon Trail – The Sups | 10 mi

W | Grip was donezo by C.

F | Shoulder wasn’t feeling good getting the KB in the overhead position on part C, so modified with bottoms-up carries. Dang, carries are no joke. Upped the levels on the stairs on the final round.

Sa | Squats felt good, though it took a little work to get my flexors to stop trying to do all the work. Got it done though. Those buck twenty-fivers… fuck that’s a lot of time under tension. Burrrrrrn.

Su | The notes from the last time I did this workout reflect that part A really fatigued my back. Same same today, though I modified A2 because of this angry shoulder of mine. Here’s some footage (ne’rmind the phone faceplant at the beginning there):

Deadlifts felt good; laughed at myself trying to rationalize why I should just stay at 195#… Was mindful of the glute engagement during the RDLs. Those marching pallofs are nuts. Lots of head-shaking. 


No Lie

“Don’t be disappointed by the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do.” – Matty Ice

I have one of these at work. Only it’s much more structurally sound and has better signage. You know what they say, “Procrastination is like masturbation – it’s fun at first, but in the end you’re just fucking yourself.”


12 May | Tuesday
Warm-up | 4 rds:
DUs x20
Wall walk x1
KBS x10
Mobility Moves

Training | Power snatch 5×1 (85#)
Rest 2-3 mins btwn sets
– then –
20:00 EMOM:
Power snatch x3 @ 65#
Slam ball x8 (30#)
– then –
RFESS 3×10 ea leg (10# DBs)
perfect reps
Rest x1:00 btwn legs

Stretch | 20:00

11 May | Monday
Warm-up | 4 rounds:
Wall balls x10
OH Walking lunges x10
V-sits x10

Workout | Squat Monday!
Back squat x6 sets
Rest 3-4 mins btwn sets
3 reps @ 140#
3 reps @ 145#
2 reps @ 150#
2 reps @ 155#
1 rep @ 160#
AMRAP @ 135# (10)
– then –
3 Sets:
Front squat x6 @ 100#
Rest x1:00
KBS x10 @ 44#
Rest x1:00

Stretch & QT w/ the foam roller | 30:00

Monday’s squats felt good; I’m a  feelin’ much more confident with a loaded barbell on my back. Also of note, by going low enough to break parallel but not bottoming out, that really keeps the workload in my glutei…

oh yeah

I had a video fail on the AMRAP set so you’ll just have to trust me. Don’t worry, I’m no cheater… Tom Brady.

no lie
“… 15, 16, 17, 25!” Speak on it, Brit Brit

The KBS felt light. Again, working on pulling that KB back to the bottom rather than letting it float. I really dig the Natalie Taylor style KBS.

Definitely felt all Monday’s work on Tuesday morning. My rear (I believe they call that posterior) inner thigh muscles  were definitely repairing themselves. Worked up to 85# on the power snatch. I decided to use a lady barbell and my man hands grip kept slipping once I got some weight on the bar. The movement felt really good though. 

The power  snatch + slam ball combo on the EMOM had me using, oh what energy system would it be? I don’t know – need to put in some more skull sweat on that subject – but I was breathing hard and felt that muscle fatigue. Great description, Morgan. Thank you. 

Ten reps on the RFESS was a challenge, but man is that movement feeling better than when I started. I really notice on my right (injury) side – my knee used to want to fall in and I really struggle with balance. Now that knee tracks out and if I’m wobbly it’s ’cause I’ve been drinking. Just kidding, Beers during stretch not before. We call that the D-Dub Rule.