“There is risk, known and unknown, in all aspects of life. We often consider the loss of life the only serious risk. Unless we are genuinely aware, we calculate the danger arising from our own physical and emotional states and from external conditions based on incomplete information. If we believe we can manage those risks, we accept them. Whether these choices are born of delusion or reality comes out in the end.” -Mark Twight

South Kaibab Trail | Grand Canyon, AZ [image ©Morgunz]
“I can’t wait for you to experience The Canyon,” my friend says to me on our drive up to THE Canyon – The Grand Canyon – for what will be her ninth effort, and my first time.

“On my first hike, I came out with a list of shit I wasn’t going to do anymore – relationships, obligations, I totally re-prioritized my life.”

Isn’t it crazy how nature has a way of putting shit in order. And how doing challenging things with people – old friends, new friends, strangers you leap frog up the mountain with – can really connect you, with yourself, with each other?

did we.gif

Well, I am fresh off the completion of our trek, and while my thoughts aren’t consolidated, I can certainly see how The Canyon really will “ruin” a person, in the very best of ways… Stay handy with the knife, indeed.

02 Apr | M
Warm-up | 3x
KBS x 10 @45#
SA banded rows x 10 ea
SL banded RDL x 10 ea

Work | [FTA]
A. 5x:
Jump lunge x 12
SA DB KB Snatch x 3 ea (40#)
Goblet squat x 8 (40#)
Scap PUs x 10
B. 5x (Press x 1 + PP x 3) [2:00] (75, 80, 80, 75, 80, 80#)
C1. SA seated cable row 4 x 8 @22×2 [1:00] (25#)
C2. SL glute bridge x 12 ea [1:00]
*D1. DB bis 3 x 12 [1:00] (15, 20 , 20#)
*D2. Cable tris x 12 [1:00] (25, 20, 20#)

04 Apr | W
Warm-up | 3x
Bike x 1:30
Wall ball x 10
SA KB press x 5 ea (25#)

Work | [Fave]
A. 5x:
FS x 5 @ 75% (125#)
BS x 5 [2:00]
C. Reverse zercher lunges 4 x 8 ea [1:00 btwn sides] (75, 4@80#)
D. 3x:
Slam ball x 5 @ 20#
SA DB KB snatch x 5 ea (35#)
Row x 200m

07 Apr | Sa
Mobility | 3x
Monster walks x 10 ea
Wall slides x 10
Scap press x 10
Banded clammies x 10 ea

Work |
A. 4x:
½ Kneeling SA BU press x 7 ea (20, 25#)
KBS x 10 (50#)
BB row x 10
B. 7x:
PC x 3
PJ x 3
FS x 3 [1:00] (95#)
C. Zercher squats 3 x 5 [1:00] (115#)
D. Barbell roll-outs 3 x 10 McGills 3 x :45 ea [:15 btwn]

09 Apr | M
Mobility | 3x
Cossacks x 8 ea
Prone y raise x 1-0
Reverse curl-ups x 10
Pistoles x 2 ea

Work |
A. 3x:
Snatch-grip RDL x 3
Bent-over row x 3
Hang PSn x 3
OHS x 3
BS x 3
B. 10x:
PSn x 1 + OHS x 1 [2:00] (75, 80, 3@85, 5@90#)
C Clean pulls 5 x 3 [1:30] (175, 180, 185#)
D1. FS 3 x 5 [1:00] (115, 120, 125#)
D2. Dbl DB row x 10 [1:00] (30#ers)
E. McGills 3 x :45 ea [:15 btwn]

12 Apr | Th
Mobility | 3x
Bird dogs x 12 ea
Scap press x 10
Reaching DBs x :45

Work |
TGUs x 15:00
Stairs x 10:00
Stretch x 10:00

14 Apr | Sa
The Grand Canyon | South Kaibab to Bright Angel Trail
+/- 17.3 miles
Accumulated elevation: 9,188′

M | Dang, part A got my heart going. Faves. Strict press was rough. I can tell I haven’t been doing much OH pressing, and the injured(?), janky(?), but mine, my right shoulder was the limiter

W | Didn’t feel like working out, so I picked a favorite workout from the archives and got to work. Pretty sure 125 isn’t 75% anymore; perhaps should test that… But the volume of this one had me feeling it. Took it easy, with less intensity on part C, as that’s what I had to give today. Subbed KB for DB on the snatches because they make me feel strong and powerful. And KBs are so much cooler than DBs. 

Sa | BU press felt good; got four reps on the R and 5 on the L on that last round at 25# before I had to drop back to 20# or have some shit form; I picked the first. The push press/jerk was the limiter on the BB complex. Dang that was some fun cardio. Zerchers felt awesome. Roll-outs bucked my back bad, so subbed McGills. Cool?

M | It felt good to lift. The snatches felt a little awkward; after speaking with TG gotta rememba the speeds. Same with the clean pulls, steady off the off the floor, speed it up after the knees. The pulls felt strong.

Th | Got in a little movement before I move a lot on Saturday…

Sa | By the numbers (creepy, but handy, iPhone stats):

I think the actual trail distance was 17.3 mi
Interesting to to see where the pace dropped off. Was that the steep part or where I took the most pics? Hmm…

The Masters

You see, I want a lot.
Perhaps I want everything:
the darkness that comes with every infinite fall
and the shivering blaze of every step up.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Master of sculpture, Giambologna

I really enjoyed Tim Ferriss’s interview with Paulo Coelho. Have you read The Alchemist? The Pilgrimmage? Eleven Minutes? A few of my favorite reads. The interview is really fantastic, touching on matters of procrastination, flow, being in the moment, and trusting your process – you can’t push the river. Paulo keeps it real.

27 April | W
Mobility | 15:00

Warm up with the 6:00 crew

Work | Ohhh-lifting
Rack jerk @ 85% 1 x 3 (120#)
2-position snatch @ 60% 3 x 3 (65#)
2-position clean + push jerk + jerk 4 x 1 (115#)
3 sets:
Windmills x 6 ea (35#)
Plank push-ups x 8

Stretch, Handstands + Fuck yeah, Frisbee!

Notes | My calves are still sore from the raises on Monday. Things felt a little hebby and slow; by the end of the barbell work I felt fried. On a positive technique note, I can’t believe how much grounding myself better has changed how the movements feel. Moving in the other direction on technique, I crotched myself on the second set of snatches really fucking hard. Post-lifting at the casa called for ice to-the-crotch and carbs to-the-face. 

The Prince Post

“Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.” -Prince


Aaand that guitar solo…

24 April | Su
Pillars | 3x
Wall rotation + press x 10
GA squat x 8
Banded clammies x 12 ea
KB dead bugs x 1:00

Warm-up | 4x
Push-up x 7
Sit-up x 10
DUs x 30

Work | A make up O-lifting workout
4 x Clean x 1 + Hang clean x 2 + Push jerk x 1 (105#)
Banded deadlifts 4 x 4 (155, 165#…)
4 sets:
A, T, Y, Face pulls x 8 ea
Tricep push-downs x 25
Frog pumps x :45

Stretch | 10:00

I didn’t push it on the lbs; not quite feeling 100%. The cleans and jerks felt nice and speedy and, oooh that finish at the top of the banded DLs. Had anyone seen me setting up the rig for those, well, comical. And she’s an architect, they say…

The alphabets with the bands always take a lot of mental focus for me to get right. The Y’s in particular are not my jam. I really want to initiate those with my upper traps.

Added in some of these…

Despite the tutorial, that positioning had me like…

whadya do with dees


right there

They’re right there. I remain unsure how that would contribute to glute activation, however. Definitely don’t have the frog pumps down quite yet, but I’ll give ’em another round if for no other reason to keep it awkward in the remote corner. 

Diverse Botanicals

Ah, The Little Prince. Such a great read. Never mind that it’s allegedly for the teacup humans. So are boobs, but many an adult enjoy those as well.

I’m not so keen on roses, but peonies… Peonies are my favorite! They’re gonna make an appearance in the hip ink of 2016. Peonies. The word itself looks and sounds almost like another favorite of mine. Though a tattoo of a penis would be weird.

What kind of peonies do you prefer?

24 Feb | W

Work | O-lifting with Amanda!
Halting snatch pulls – shin, above the knee 5 x 3 (105#)
Push jerks  5 x 2 (95,105,110,115,120#)
Back squat + chains 5 x 2 (165#)
3 sets:
Face pulls x 15
Seated box jumps x 3 (24#)
Chinese row x 10 ea (20#)

Stretch |20:00

Kept it light on the lbs, as to not fuck up my hip/back/shoulder situation. All the movements felt good, even at the bottom of the back squat. Maaaybe went a little too conservative on the box jumps. (Note to self for next time.) The face pulls were a new experience, and man, did I feel it in my uppah back.

Feeling good this morning, too. No tightness in the low back or anything.