Hair of the Dog



06 Feb | Sa
Two-position cleans (mid-thigh – floor) 7 x 1 (105#)
Back squat 5 x 2 + chainz
3 rounds:
Tall jump
I have forgotten the rest of the workout.
There were some bands.
I didn’t stretch

04 Feb | Th
Mobility + Warm-up + The Devils Bike’s (Z1)

03 Feb | W
Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
RDLs x 10
Mobility movements

Work | O-lifting
Snatch 7 x 1 (85,85,90,90,95,95,100# PR)
Clean + Jerk 7 x 1(105,115,125#…)
3 rounds:
Heavy front-rack hold things x 3 (200#)
Handstand holds x :20 (Hey! I stood in one place!)
Horizontal partner pallof presses x 10 ea

Stretch |15:00

01 Feb | M
Pillars | 3x
Wall pressing leg drops x 14
Clammies x 10 ea
Reverse table x 10
Perfectly aligned side plank x :30 ea x 2

Work | 5x
Row x 1:00
SA DB press x 10 ea (20#)
Monster walks x 12 ea
Banded hip bridges x 12 (1:00)

Stretch | 20:00

Monday | It’s been a while since I’d done any side plank, particularly one where I was paying attention to what was going on with my alignment and not just staring at the clock wishing the seconds away. I was unaware at how much scapular (and hip) stability is required to for those suckers! And so much squeezing.

I spent some extra time on the foam roller, pre-workout. My low back sure is bugging on the one side. The workout felt good. I love those hip bridges so much, instead of doing 12 reps each round, I did 1:00 of them!

Wednesday | PR’d on the power snatch.

PR hugs
PR hugs are my new jam

The rest of the week was spent just dealing with this ridiculous, frustrating hip, thigh, low back pain. Sunday I was tight from my elbow to my ankle on the right side, so I SuperBowl-ed with my foam roller. And some beer.

I am guessing this week will be spent recovering and letting shit rest. And not getting too frustrated about that. It’s embracing a different kind of suck, I suppose.


Expanding Inward

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, space, and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.” – Chinese Proverb

That’s my current mode up there, expanding inward. That and I’m moving! Well, not at this very minute, but soon. Lemme tell ya, my new digs give me cute aggression…

my new digs give me cute aggressionI’m not sure if that means I’m definitely in the right field, or that I have some unresolved anger management issues. Let’s go with the first part.

26 July | Sunday
Rest Day | Walk-the-paws + Mobilty/Stretch
45DNC! (diez)

25 July | Saturday
Light MFR
Workout | EMOM
Rotating x32:00:
Wall Walks x2 (switched to x1 +10 shoulder taps @ round 15)
Body Row x5
DUs x30

45DNC! (10)

24 July | Friday
MFR | 10:00
Workout | 6 rds:
AD x5:00
GHR x6
DUs x20

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC! (10)

23 July | Thursday
Rest Day | Dog Walk + Stretch sesh
45DNC! (10)

22 July | Wednesday
6:00 Class

MFR | 6:00
Warm-up | 3 rds:
AD/Row x1:00
Wall Press x10
OH Walking Lunges x10
Bench x5

Workout | Incline Bench 4×3 (90,95, 100, 95#)
Rest x2:00
Bi’s & Tris x3 rds:
Barbell 21s
Tricep push-downs x15

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC! (10)

21 July | Tuesday
MFR | 6:00
Workout | 6:00 Class!
Back Squat 4×2 (115,125,135,145#)
Death-By: 10m run (10)
Stretch Class | 20:00
45DNC! (10)

20 July | BAMF Monday!
Happy Hour Class!
Light MFR | 6:00

Workout | EMOM #1
18:00 Rotating OTM:
Clean + Hang Clean (95#)
DUs x:30
FLR x:45
18:00 Rotating OTM:
Row x:45
Tire hits x15
T2B x5

Stretch! | 20:00
45FNC! (10)

Tuesday’s double-EMOM felt really great the day of. Even the toes-to-bar, though I couldn’t have strung those puppies together had my life depended on it. But I haven’t done them in ages so, it’s fine. #rusty

Wednesday the workout felt fine up until about the 10th round of 10m runs. The hip started speaking to me a little on the pivots so I stopped there.

The rest of the week I didn’t take very good notes. And in retrospect I can always convince myself I felt fine. My hip feels better today than it did all week, with only a little discomfort when I cross my leg man-style over my knee, so I don’t do that. I mean, I don’t typically do that, anyway. Except sometimes when I am putting on shoes. Or in church wearing a skirt.

Haha! Just kidding. I don’t go to church.

I stumbled upon a channel with a bunch of anatomy vids. They are amazing. I don’t understand half the shit they say, but figure if I keep watching at some point I might. My favorite so far is the adductor (for obvious reasons):

The Nutrition Challenge is going well, though the BW in protein is still a work in progress.  I hit it on Tuesday and Wednesday, but haven’t hit it again since. The wild-caught fish are ‘spensive! But worth it. I am fucking awesome. And my sleep is rebounding…


Who’s Your Kevin?

“You are just me, living a different life.” -Aubrey Marcus

the first Kevin I think of
The first Kevin that comes to mind… handling the groceries like a boss

I’m not sure if it’s the pool or the remote location, but house-sitting seems to have taken my podcast consumption to another level. Having caught up on all my usual ear snacks, I sought and found a new-to-me podcast and, oh man, was it good. The Rules of Success Podcast Episode #40 features Kate Galliett. I found it to be an awesome conversation. I’ll tease you with what I found to be some of the highlights:

  • Who’s your Kevin right now? Who are you Kevin to? Who are the people who are helping you develop as a human?
  • There’s more than one road to Rome. But not Ahwatukee.
  • Take what’s good and leave the rest. There’s something to take away from any situation.
  • How you do one thing is how you do everything. If Kevin trains with shitty form Kevin carries the groceries with shitty form. I think you could extrapolate this further, too. How you train is how you work is how you love, etc…
  • We find who we need to. How neural drive can translate to the intangible components of life, pulling energy and people to us. It’s the Law of Attraction!

So, who are your Kevins…?

19 July | Sunday
Active Rest Day

Dog-walk + an aerial fitness class
DTP 45DNC Day 05 (10)

18 July | Saturday
Mobility | 10:00

Workout | EMOM x30:00 (95#)
Deadlift – Hang Clean – High Hang Clean – Push Press
swapped Front Squat for the Push Press half way through

Stretch Class | 20:00

DTP 45DNC Day 04 (10)

17 July | Friday
Workout | 30:00
AD x5:00
Wall balls x5

Stretch | 20:00

DTP 45DNC Day 03 (10) 

The last few workouts have been all about keeping the wheels greased and seeing how the body feels. I’m a good kinda sore from the barbell EMOM on Saturday. Sunday’s aerial fitness class focused on stretching and mobility, and that felt good. I continue to work on sleeping in a good position, trying not to irritate the shoulder or the hip. Things are moving in the right direction; I’m feeling better than last week.

Coming off the first weekend of the Nutrition Challenge, I found that I’m eating more carbs than I thought I was, though the Qwest bars could be a contributing factor. As I’ve killed the box of bars already, I’ll be switching to the protein powder this week. We’ll see how that changes the breakdown. I’m still working on getting that protein number up to where it should be, but being back in my own kitchen can’t hurt.

I’ve exceeded my daily allotment of calories as determine by My Fitness Pal on two of the challenge days so far. I don’t sweat it because I don’t log my activities. It’s my understanding that the calories are a rough target, but that we should put more emphasis on hitting the macros. I suppose this depends on the individual and where they are at. How is that ALWAYS the answer!?

I don’t log my activities because it seems so imprecise, so relative. What one person considers rough, another might find easy. This article from NPR links to an activity compendium which is very extensive and very specific. Where do you draw a boundary between exercise and activity? My personal aim is be more active overall, so I try not to compartmentalize which activity “counts” and which doesn’t. But then again, I guess it comes down to the individual.

So when it comes to the fitness apps, and life, the benefit isn’t in the tool, it’s in how you use it. Thanks, Katy Bowman.


Architecture & Acronyms

“Architects are pretty much high-class whores. We can turn down projects the way they can turn down some clients, but we both have to say yes to someone to stay in business” – Phillip Johnson

Coming off of vacation like…

some chins

So, let’s pull up some Good Fucking Design Advice to light a fire…

Classic Black GFDA_L_rev

(I modified that a little fucking bit, because all-nighters – I don’t fucking think so.)

16 July | Thursday
Recovery Sesh
30:00 Rotating OTM:
Banded Dead Bugs
Bear Crawls

Stretch Class 2.0 | 20:00


15 July | Wednesday
MFR | 6:00
Warm-up| 3 rds:
KBS x10 (35#)
Wall walk x1
DUs x20
Mobility moves

Workout | Back squat 5×3 (125,135,115,115,115#)
Rest x3:00
Single-leg hip thrust 3×12 ea
Rest x1:00 btwn legs
Handstand walk practice x10:00

Stretch Class | 20:00


14 July | Tuesday
MFR | 6:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
(Wall) balls x10
Walking lunges x10
DUs x20
Mobility moves

Training | 6 rounds:
Jump rope singles x:30
AD x1:00
Band-assisted dead bugs x1:00
TGU x1 ea side
Banded squat x:30

Stretch Class | 20:00

Tuesday | I need to practice the reverse yump roping. Awkward. The band-assisted dead bugs are legit; I like that you have to work on breathing through them. I don’t think I was doing the band-assisted squats properly as I wasn’t feeling them anywhere. Though the rig and I had some special moments.

Wednesday | Really pumped for the nutrition challenge. The toughest part of Day 01 was drinking my body weight in ounces of water. Hmm. Sentence structure… Also, I’ve got to streamline the food logging process, though I am sure it will get easier as it becomes habit. As far as the workout went, the back squats didn’t feel great on the right glute/adductor region. Hip thrusts felt good though. And it had been a while since I’d attempted handstand walks. I felt really strong inverted for some reason. I’m gonna start just hanging out in my casa upside down.

Thursday | Loved the recovery session! The dead bug- bear crawl combo was fantastic.

The only thing left on my list for the 45DNC (acronyms are the best) are the “before” pics.

before pics
Maybe we’ll save the chaps for the “afters”

I really love how the 45DNC is set up. It’s not about perfection but about building better habits. And that there isn’t any partner penalty bullshit, other than if someone quits. It’s better to post a zero and move on that to say fuck it and DNF. Can’t wait to see what Day 45 brings for the group!

I am going to be able to take a fancy trip with all the money I’m gonna save drinking water instead of coffee

Back to It

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Bridal Veil Falls | Spearfish Canyon, SD

I had a lovely time visiting my family. I used to take these trips for granted, feeling like if I wasn’t making some great trek abroad that I was missing out. I’ve come to realize how lucky I am to have such great people to come home to, and what a luxury it is to be able to completely relax and unplug.

I didn’t spend too much time on the machine while I was home, but did listen to podcasts en route to and fro. My three favorites of the week:

  1. Robb Wolf and Katy Bowman I listened to this podcast no less than three times. There are so many great points in it. I love this concept of movement as mechanical nutrients, and how as humans we need more than just one kind of movement. That doing one thing over and over IS the problem. I can’t do it justice, so I implore you to listen to it. Three times. And then watch Wall-E.
  2. Power Athlete Radio with Allison Brager I’ve found my next read.
  3. Death, Sex, and Money: Siblinghood This one made my mascara run. If you have a sibling or like to cry I think you should give it a listen. And then go hug your brother and thank your parents.

And finally, finally, the second season of True Detective got good this week.

13 July | Monday
Rest Day

12 July | Sunday
Active Rest Day
Aerial Fitness Class with JK!

11 July | Saturday
5 rounds: (3)
Row x500m
Burpees x5
Rest x1:00
Added | 2 rounds:
AD x5:00
Wall walks x2

Stretch | 20:00

10 July | Friday
Warm-up | 3 rds:
Wall balls x10
Push-ups x8
Mobility Moves
V-ups x10

Workout | “A”
Deadlift 4×1 (185,195, 205, 210#)
Rest x3:00 btwn sets
“B” | 4 Rounds:
Snatch segment deadlift x4 @ 60% (115#)
Rest x1:00
Dip negative x5 w/ :03 negative
Band-assisted dead bugs 4 x1:00
Rest x:30

Stretch + MFR | 30:00

09 July | Thursday
Happy Hour Class!

Workout | 5 rounds:
Row x300m
Slam ball throws x5
Rest x3:00

Express MFR + Stretch | 10:00

In short, this week’s workouts pretty much all felt like I’d had a week off. I’d hoped the rest would cure my hip and shoulder, but they are both bothering me still/again. Not to an extreme – both feel much better today than they did Friday – but enough to notice. The time off was awesome, but it’s definitely good to be back home and in the ‘nasium.

back at it oh yeah

Thursday’s class workout went well and felt good, though sometimes I talk too much and then feel like I didn’t get as much out of my workout as I’d have liked.

Friday felt okay; the DLs felt heavy and the segmented lifts caused some uncomfortable tightness in my right tricep.

Saturday I felt beat up; both in the hip and in the shoulder. I wasn’t sure about how the volume of rowing would fare on the hip/glute region (and I was winded as fuck after three rounds, with my head not in the game) so, I swapped two rounds of rowing for two rounds of AD.

Sunday I took an intro to aerial fitness class. It was a whole lot of fun; essentially an hour of stretching and swinging around and getting upside down. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing that again. 

I’m excited for the 45-Day Nutrition Challenge!  I’m relieved by the fact I can still have coffee, and that the food list had zero surprises.

the burrito challenge
*schloop* Sounds of the Burrito Challenge



Ebb & Flow

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient.” -Steve Maraboli

life wears water wings
If life were a toddler in water wings


I just started listening to a new podcast by Stephanie Gaudreau over at Stupid Easy Paleo. On a recent episode of Harder to Kill Radio (yeah, how great is that title) she chatted with my girl Kate Galliett. They covered all the usual topics, but the part that had me hollering “yes!” at my iPhone was their conversation about mindset.

“Unpack that story. Fit for real life means you move well, you think well, and you move well through space and time, meaning you – as a whole human – carry yourself forward… You’re not held back by beliefs that are self-limiting.”

They continue on with a discussion about resiliency and being able to ebb and flow with whatever it is that life – and the people in it – bring to you. And how then, this whole-being fitness leads to self-evolution. (Yes!) And, like iterations of software, we become upgrades of our former selves. I find myself to be Leah 3.7, on the cusp of 4.0. There has definitely be 3 significant demarcated iterations amongst the incremental ones.

So, what version of yourself are you…?

27 June | Sat-Ur-day
MFR | 10:00

Warm-up | 3 rds:
Wall balls x10
Wall Press x10
HRPUs x8
V-ups x10
Mobility moves

Workout | EMOM! x30:00
Bench Press x5 (65×2, 75#xR)
DUs x30
Power Clean x1 + Hang Clean x2 (95×2, 105#xR)

Straaatch | 20:00

25 June | FriGAY!
Warm-up | Mobility:
Hip bridges
SL Hip bridges

Workout | Front squat 5×1 (115,125,135,145,145#)
– then –
EMOM x10:00 (75#)
1-1/4 front squat x3 @50% of “A”
– then –
EMOM x10:00
KB swing x10 @44#

Stretch | 20:00

25 June | Thursday
Rehab Socks/Rest Day

24 June | Wednesday
Happy Hour Class!

Workout | 30:00 rotating
Farmer carries x100m (44s)
Wall walk x2
Row x400m
AD x30 cals
Rope x:50

Stretch Class | 20:00

23 June | Tuesday
Rehab Socks/Rest Day

This week, things felt a little tender and tight on the right side, so I backed off quite a bit and took a couple rest days. I hit the foam roller a little too hard on Monday and irritated things rather then expediting my recovery.

I don’t think it’s a single movement that fires up my hip region; I think it’s that I’m still in the process of re-establishing the brain-glute pathway and correcting my movement pattern on that side. Who knows how long it took to develop, so it’s understandable that it will take some time to correct. (I write that last line merely as a note to myself; I seem to have to constantly remind myself that this isn’t a matter of fixed or broken. It’s a process. The process is the goal.)

Moving on, Wednesday’s class workout felt good, though it was tougher than I’d anticipated! That row- AD combo was challenging.

I approached Friday’s workout with a, “Let’s just see how this feels…” mindset. I didn’t push it on the single rep front squats and was prepared to drop weight on the 1-1/4 version, but didn’t need to. I incorporated some “glute activators” in the warm-up – an effort to gain some mental awareness there. Between all the stimuli and the short shorts in the ‘nasium, sometimes I get distracted…

Ya herrr?

Okay, back to squats. Here are rounds 9 and 10 of the Front Squat EMOM:

Saturday things were feeling pretty good. Did some light MFR and a solid warm up. Chose to go with an EMOM as I wanted to do some work whilst keeping myself in check on the volume and the movement patterns.

Finally, and randomly, I dig using the skittle plates. It’s a bit of a mind game – they take up less space on the bar so I feel like I perceive that there is less weight loaded. Just an initial hypothesis, but I’ll be interested to see how things progress.

Today’s “Questions for TG” segment is brought to you by the latest and greatest from The Wolf. This week’s Paleo Solution Podcast features Coach Summers, and you know  how that guy keeps it real. They spend some time discussing the Jefferson Curl. I don’t know if this is a good demo but as I didn’t see a free version from GB, and seeing this guy has a beard…

I just (working on that) found it interesting what Coach Summers has to say – how it doesn’t matter how strong you are if you aren’t mobile. Word. I really liked that podcast episode.

Ate my body weight in protein for, what likely was, the first time ever on Friday. Holy shit, that’s work. Hopefully it gets easier as it becomes more of a habit… and after I have my tiger paws on the supps.




A Ginja

 What you call a redheaded ninja.

Sunday | August 31

– Rest & Recovery Day –

Saturday | August 30

Mormon Trail Loop 

South Mountain

+/- 5 miles


Saturday’s Oly Comp was really fun and inspiring; chatting with and cheering on some really great people. I admire my amiga, Cassie, for pushing herself to participate. When I asked her what prompted her to do it she said because she really thinks it will help her training. The fear that can rear it’s pesky and persistent head during a routine training session seems pretty minuscule compared to the ones that present themselves when you lift solo, center stage, in a new gym, with a room staring at you and your lifting face (I imagine).

 That’s Cassie on the left there. Yep, she’s amazing.


Hoping this may be the beginning of the end of my “injury updates”… Because I am feeling really, really good. For the first time in a couple months my adductor doesn’t hurt – at all at the insertion point and only slightly when I make an aggressive lateral motion (which occurred unintentionally during a rather intense session of fetch with the four-legged spotted beast.) Feeling some soreness in my glutes, but not the piriformis pain, just soreness from use. Scoops!

08-31Good eats today and ten glorious hours of sleep last night.