The Buy In

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” -Mark Twain


Friday is here! And my favorite fitness-related read of the week “Stop Lying to Yourself (Whilst Un-fucking Your Burpees)” is here. (I added that last part.)

I will preface the lines that follow with the fact that I’ve done a real shit job of keeping my eyes on my own plate this week. I know, I know, you do you, and all that business. But in the interest of community-building, coupled with the notion that we rise or stagnate based on our surroundings, watching folks in class from the sidelines can be staggering. While I appreciate a good attitude and fun vibes, aren’t we all here to grow, to improve, to challenge ourselves? And if you’re not, can we actually kick you off the island?

“If we put in high quality work towards learning skills, we will get tired. If we put in low quality work towards getting tired, we won’t learn any skills. Turning the byproduct (getting tired) into the goal is a failure to our bodies.” – Chip Conrad

All done with my verbal vomit. Thanks for holding my hair. You’re the best! No lie.

22 Sep | Th
Mobility | 3x
Wall rotation + press x 10
Prone glute press x 10
Prone Y raise x 10
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Single-arm banded rows x 10ea
BB RDLs x 10
DUs x 30

Work | Front squat 5 x 5 @ 70% (115#)
Rest x 2:00
Front rack KB reverse lunges 4 x 6 ea (35# KBs)
Rest x 1:00 between legs
3x: (1:29, 1:27, 1:21)
Slam balls x 5 (30#)
Wall balls x 5 (20#)
Row x 200m
Rest x 1:00

Stretch x 20:00

21 Sep | W
Mobility | 3x
GA squat x 10
SL Adductor squat x 10 ea
Side plank + LL x :30 ea
Reverse curl-ups x 7

Warm-up | 3x
Wall ball x 7
Banded rows x 12
DUs x 30

Work | O-lifting – Week 3
2-Position snatch [above-the-knee, mid-thigh] 4 x 2 (65, 75, 75#)
Tall Cleans 4 x 2 (95, 105#…)
Iso holds – Clean DL 3 x 10s

Stretch | 20:00

20 Sep | Tu
Pill-uhs | 3x
Single-arm plank x :20 ea
Single-leg elevated hip bridge x 10 ea
Hanging knee raise x 10

Warm-up | AD x 10:00
E’ry 3:00 perform PU BB row x 8 + DUs x 30

Work | 4x:
Single-arm seated press x 10 ea
Rest x 1:00
COB x 5 @ 30×3
Rest x 1:00
Single-leg hip thrusts 3 x 15 ea (15#)
Rest x 1:00 btwn legs
Handstand walk x 15′ (3 attempts)
Row x 150m
Rest x 1:00
Express stretch | 7:00

Tuesday’s COB work felt really strong in comparison to how they’ve gone in the past. But they still leave me sore for daaaayz afterward. So, maybe I’ll work those in the rotation a little more. Or is it the push/pull combo not necessarily the particular movement that’s the good stuff there? Hmmm…

True story above on the COB aftermath; went into O-lifting wiht some seriously sore lats and tris. Bottom of the snatch didn’t feel so hot on the right hip, so stopped after two sets. The bottom of the clean felt fine so moved through the rest of the workout. 

Experienced some curiously sore abs going into Friday’s session. Where’d that come from? The reverse lunges felt solid. It’s nice to think back at how difficult much of the single-leg work used to be, and how much better things feel now.

Before & Afters

“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.” -Epictectus

Warning by Antoni Muntadas

I had to listen to The Aussie’s chat with Julien Pineau a couple times, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I then proceeded to assume all the positions that came to mind to test my version of the torque. I might have been doing the dinner dishes while listening, so the rubber gloves made it a little weird. But I’m not above weird. 

15 Sep | Th
Mobility | 3x
GA squat x 10
SL elevated hip bridge x 10 ea
Hanging leg raise x 10

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 20 cals
SA press x 5 ea
GHR x 7
Banded rows x 10

Work | RFESS 3 x8 ea @32×1 (10# DBs)
Rest x 1:00 btwn legs
RDL x 5 (115#)
Rest x 1:00
BB hip thrust x 8 (135#)
Rest x 1:00
Handstand walk x 15′ (got about 7′ max, w? 3 attempts ea)
Row x 150m (34, 33, 32, 33s)
Rest x 1:00

13 Sep | Tu
Mobility | 3x
Elbow plank + fwd tap x 8 ea
SL elevated adductor squat x 8 ea
Reverse curl-ups x 8

Work | EMOM x 12:00, rotating:
Front squat x 5 @ 75#
Row x 150m
-Rest x 4:00-
EMOM x 12:00, rotating:
OHS x 3 @ 65#
Slam balls x 8 (30#)
-Rest x 4:00-
EMOM x 12:00, rotating:
AD x 1:00
KBS x 10 (53#)

Solo stretch whilst zenning out to mix tape | 20:00

12 Sep | M
Mobility | 3x
GA squat x 12
Scap press [d-e-l-i-b-e-r-a-t-e] x 10
TVA drops x 15

Work | 30:00, rotating:
Farmers carry x 100m
AD x 1:00
Row x 1:00
GHR x 10
Reaching dead-bugs x 1:00

Started the week off light, checking in with the back and the hip. Yep, still there. Pretty much rode that wave the rest of the week. The back seems to be recovered, though during stretch I notice my range of motion during some of the twisting positions is limited a bit. I’m jumping in on the class today to test if O-lifting is an option for Saturday. 

Routes & Detours

“We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are. Sane or insane. Saints or sex addicts. Heroes or victims. Letting history tell us how good or bad we are. Letting our past decide our future. Or we can decide for ourselves.” – Chuck Palahniuk

refer to the map
Maps for life. The tricky thing about referring to them is that one runs the risk of confinement of thinking, leaving less room for exploration… 

Clearly my mind could use a map. Cut me some slack, friends; it’s Friday.

So, lots of life path talk on the radar this week. Really enjoyed this episode of The Tim Ferris Show on knowing what you want and not getting distracted by the paths of others. Paired that up with the latest blog post from the TTT on learning from your mistakes, your missteps, your detours. The author focused on learning from coaching mistakes, but man, I found his points to be applicable to my own experience, in the architecture, and elsewhere. Especially that last one.

Some of us have a notebook of knowledge, and others a diary of detours, but ideally both, right?

18 Aug | Th
Mobility | 3x
Scap press x 8
SL Elevated hip bridge x 10 ea
Side plank + leg lift x :30 ea

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Bent-over BB row x 10
BB RDL x 10

Work | 4x
Single-leg hip thrusts x15 ea (15#)
Rest x 1:00
KBS x 5 (70#)
Rest x 2:00
Chinese row x 10 ea (20#)
Rest x 1:00
SA Press x 5 ea (30#)
Rest x 1:00
Hanging bent-leg raises 4 x 10
Rest x 1:30 btwn

Bonus | Tricep push-downs x 100

You know the routine | 20:00

17 Aug | W
Warm-up | 3x
Row x 200m
DUs x 30
Mobility things

Work | O-lifting
Clean high-pulls 3 x 3 (115, 115, 125#)
Clean 3 x 3 (115, 120, 125#)
Rack jerk 3 x 3 (115#)
Clean + jerk 3 x 3 (105, 115, 115#)

Release | 20:00

16 Aug | Tu
Mobility | 3x
GA squat x 12
Prone Y raise x 12
Prone glute press x 12
TVA drops x 15

Warm-up | 3x
Wall ball x 10
DUs x 30
Reaching dead bugs x 1:00

Work | 4x
Back squat x 5 @ 70% (125, 130#…)
Rest x 1:00
Banded rows x 10, right into
Hip thrust x 8 (135#)
Rest x 1:00
Single-arm OH carry x L ea (44, 53#…)
Pallof press x 12 ea
Rest x 1:00

Handstands + stretch | 20:00

Tuesday’s squats felt good. A little fight to keep the lockout on the OH carries by the last round. Worked on relaxing the non-working arm. And ma face.

O-lifting was good; feel like I’m stronger out of the bottom, but continue to work on the speed under the jerk. Ali had some interesting thoughts on why I struggle to stay braced sometimes on the heavier jerks – the gymnastics finish with the tilted hips.

delicious carbs
Making post-oly carbs

Surprisingly spent after Thursday’s session. The single leg work… ohhh burn. Gimme dat booty.

(De)Populate Your Mountain

the organ friend
That friend who just can’t get enough of you

The evolution of relationships is fascinating. Check out this article by Tim Urban, “10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably Part Of“. The Friendship Mountain, who do you need to push off?

Q1 ideal
Quadrant 1: Off the bed, not off the mountain

21 July | Th
Mobility | 3x
Wall press x 10
Scap press x 10
SL Elev hip bridge x 10 ea

Warm-it-up (but it’s already sweaty) | 3x
Row x 1:00
OH walking lunges x 10
DUs x 30
Lose ya shorts x 1

Work | O-Lifting Week 4
Snatch balance 5 x 2 (65, 70, 75, 75, 80#)
High-hang snatch 5 x 2 (75, 70, 70, 75, 75#)
Snatch 5 x 2 (75, 80, 85#…)
Planted hollow body holds x max (2:00, 1:02, 1:07)
Supermans x 10

19 July | Tu
Warm-up | 3x
AD x 15 cals
Goblet squat x 5
TGUs x 2 (35#)

Work [from the archives]  | 3x
Body row x 8
GHR x 10
Rest x 1:00
RDLs 4 x 4 @5050 (115, 125, 135, 135#)
Rest 2:00
EMOM x 10:00, rotating:
Death march x :30 (20#ers)
Handstand hold x max (:20. Still.)

Stretch | 20:00

18 July | M 
Mobility | 3x
Side plank + LL x :20 ea
Cobra x :30
SL elevated squat x 10 ea
Reverse curl-ups x 10

Warm-up | 3x
BB step-ups x 10
BB row x 10
KBS x 10

Work [favorite] | 5x:
Front squat x 5 @ 70% 1RM (115#)
Back squats x 5
Rest x 2:00
Single leg hip thrust 4 x 12 (15#)
Rest x 1:00 btwn sides
Row x 10:00, every 2:00 slam balls x 10 (2170m, 20#)

M | Fuck. That was a lot of work. On every set of the squats I thought I wasn’t going to be able to complete it. But then I did. Good practice for me. The start of the row was mentally a little rough, my brain didn’t wanna do it. But by the halfway mark the rowing actually felt nice, once I recovered from slamming the balls. Moving forward I need to always pick up the 30# slam ball. 

 Tu | Much medius soreness. And quads and hamstrangs. After giving a little too much before O-lifting last week, I stuck with a little lighter lbs on the RDLs and on the death march.

 Th | Really intermittent sleep this week; needed a rest day Wednesday. The griddle wasn’t super hot on Thursday either, but the snatches felt good. But how is it that I can do a snatch balance at 80#, but when I got to the full snatches I was working to get 85#? Merely all those reps fatiguing my snatch muscles?

My stretch and sleep games were weak this week. Haaay, homophone.

sleep viking
Goals: sleep viking. But not at a desk

Feeding Time

“A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Spelling matters

03 May | Tu
Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
BB RDL x 10
Monster walks x 10 ea way

Work | Paused snatch-grip RDLs 4 x 3 (75,85,95,95#)
[Mid thigh – ATK – mid sheen; abs braced, use scoops]
SL Hip thrusts 3 x 10
Rest x 1:00 btwn legs
AD x 20 cals
Ring rows x 15
Push-ups x 10
Rest x 1:30

Stretch | 15:00

02 May | M
Pillars | 3x
Prone glute press x 10
Arch up x 6
Hanging leg raises x 8(2)
Side plank clammie holds x :20 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Jump rope x 1:00
BB Bench x 10

Work | Bench press 3 x 10 (75#)
Rest x 3:00 between sets
SA bench press x 10 ea [bridge on bench] (30,25# DB)
right into
Lunging Pallof press x 10 ea
right into
Row x 500m (2:03, 1:59, 1:58)
Rest x 3:00

Stretch | 10:00

Felt pretty good post-hike Monday. The 10 reps sets are fun times, eeked out the last 2-3 on each set. No lat/tricep pain at all. The SA version took me a set to feel the “wind up” but I got there. My glutes lit up pretty quickly on the row.

I used straps on the paused RDLs so I wasn’t fucking with my grip and instead focusing on using the booty. Coming out of that mid-shin position, the engagement was strong in the gluteal region. Still learning the nuance between the hip bridge and the hip thrust. Feel them both working, so that’s a win. The AD rounds were nice; DJ always provides a bitchin’ soundtrack when he’s in the ‘nasium and Tuesday was especially good. The overhead door was wide open, sending out a beacon of awesomeness in the ‘hood. 

On the nutrition front, I’ve been eating really well; incorporating more carbs, mostly through potatoes, oatmeal and cream-of-wheat. I’d forgotten how much I love that stuff. The elitist version they sell at Whole Foods is called Farina-something, but it’s fucking delicious. It’s been hard getting in all the protein ’cause my appetite has really waned, especially after workouts. What?!? We’ll put that under “shit I never thought I’d say”. I’m on the fence about the upcoming nutrition challenge. I might just give that carb cycling template a try on my own. Looked into getting the Bod Pod Squad to come and that shit’s pretty reasonable. I’d like to know how much actual “lean mass” I should use in the equation.

In conclusion, is it still a tramp stamp if it’s on a dude?

You Got This

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” -Archilochus


Ahh, that quote. When the rubber meets the road…

14 April | Th
Work | O-lifting
Jerk balance 3 x 2 (85#)
BTN jerk 7 x 1 (95,105,115,125#…)
2-Position snatch 4 x 2 @ 60 % (65#)
4 sets:
SL Elev hip thrust x 6 ea
SA Squat x 6 ea (44#)
Heavy KBS x 10 (53#)

Stretch | 15:00

Slow start on the jerk balance; got speedier with each round. The four BTNs at 125# went something like: ugly, good, ugly, good. Snatch felt fast. The (part) “D” got me breathing heavy…



“Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere.” -Paulo Coelho

sloooow dooownLoved this week’s Barbell Shrugged. I enjoy that you get training tips, life advice and girth jokes, all in one package.

The segment on going “all in” stuck with me. The discussion in the podcast was primarily focused on pushing things physically – resisting the habit of pacing during a workout, and allowing yourself to test your body’s capacity – it’s vomit-inducing, femur-bending capacity.

Let’s take that for a walk outside the gym. What if we avoided the habit of mentally measuring ourselves, giving partial effort to keep some in the reserve for all the other things that sort of matter?

James Clear wrote this really great article about a punch card for life, “Warren Buffet’s ’20-Slot’ Rule: How to Simplify Your Life and Maximize Your Results”. Essentially, it’s a model to help you practice selective focus, limiting the quantity of “investments” / tasks / goals you take on, and allowing you to concentrate your finite time and energy on the shit that really matters. More going all in.

Which doors would you close – what slots would you take back – given you knew your punch card was limited? ‘Cause you know it is.

15 Aug | Sa
MFR | 6:00
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Wall balls x10
Candlesticks x7
Push-ups x5

Work | EMOM! x24:00
Clean + High-hang Power Clean + Front Squat (95,105#)
DUs x:30
Slam balls x7 (30#)

3 rounds:
DB Bicep curls x10
Banded tricep push-downs x15

Stretch | 25:00
45DNC | 10
Protein Count | 117g

14 Aug | F
Rest Day
3 miles walking the paws in the morning

45DNC | 8 (-2 for recovery, no stretch)
Protein Count | 148g

13 Aug | Th
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Single-leg hip extension x10 ea
Push-ups x5
Jump rope x:30
Burpees x4 (NC Penalty)

Work | Recovery x30:00
Row x1:00
TGU x1 ea (35,35,44,44#)
AD x1:00
FLR on rings x1:00
Dead bugs x1:00

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC |10
Protein count | 171g

12 Aug | W
Warm-up | DUs + Mobility

Work | O-lifting
1×3 @ 65% (100#)
1×3 @ 70% (110#)
3×3 @ 75% (115#)
Low-hang Clean Pull w/ 2s pause  2×4 @ 90% (135#)
2×4 @ 95% (140#)
Press in Split Jerk Position
4×5 AHAP (65,75,70,70,70#)

MFR + Stretch | 25:00
45DNC | 10
Protein count | 133g

11 Aug | Tu
Warm up | 3 rounds:
Candlestick rolls x5
Body rows x10
KB swing x5
Burpees x7 (NC penalty)

Work | 4 sets:
Bench press x3 reps @ 75% (75#)
Right into
Chin-over-bar hold x:15
Right into
KB snatch x5 ea (35# KB)
Rest x3:00
3 sets:
Dead bugs x1:00
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC | 10
Protein count | 199g

10 Aug | M
Warm-it-up | 3 rounds
Back squat x10 empty bar
PVC OH walking lunges x10 steps
Wall run x20 shoulder taps
KB swing x5@35#
10 burpees (NC penalty)

Work | Back rack lunges 4×5 ea (60,70,85,85#)
Rest x1:30
Single-leg hip thrust 3×15 ea
Rest x1:00 btwn legs
5 rounds:
Row x300m row
Burpees x5

Stretch | 20:00
45DNC | 10
Protein count: 160g

Monday | I think 85 was the max I could do whilst maintaining proper movement on the back rack lunges (at least on the weak side). Lots of burning and squeezing on the thrusts. Really establishing those booty-brain pathways. The row + burpee combo was fun; I didn’t go balls to the wall, pacing myself until the last round. Got nice and sweaty:

sweaty selfie #nohairdontcare #whoneedsAC

Tuesday | The candlestick rolls are fun. Are you supposed to keep your feet together when heels-to-da-butt-ing? Cruised through the work; bench felt strong. Nailed the protein again.

Wednesday | That under arm lat area is sore AF, so it took a few extra rounds on the jerk to grease the wheel there. The split press was interesting – I really focused on hip position, keep the bucket full, and not cheating on the press. I’ve got work to do on my pushers. Olay makes me wired and hungry; I have a hard time falling asleep Wednesday nights.

Thursday | Recovery kicked my booty. I was pretty fatigued from the week’s work, then the FLR + Dead bugs + Row… oh hay abs! The TGUs felt strong I was just sweaty so getting a grip was more challenging than usual.

Friday | Rest day was needed. Failed to stretch; I should probably knock that out in the morning after the dog walk.

Saturday | It was hot as balls in the gymnasium. Everything felt good, though. Still no strippers, beer, or cocaine.