“The world is this continually unfolding set of possibilities and opportunities, and the tricky thing about life is, on the one hand having the courage to enter into things that aren’t familiar, but to also to have the wisdom to stop exploring when you’ve found something that’s worth sticking around for. That’s true of a place, a person, of a vocation… It’s very hard to get the balance of those two things right… Be careful not to err on one side or the other because you have an ill-conceived idea of who you are.” -Sebastian Junger

Jenny Holzer, Living Series

Got to thinking (uh-oh) about a statement Kirk Parsley dropped whilst chatting with the dudes at BBS. Doc Parsley talked about how we like to separate the body into systems, cardiac, nervous, etc, in an attempt to understand and learn them, but the fact remains we are just one very complex system. He then goes on to explain how we do this in a similar fashion with the pillars of health: stress, sleep, movement, food. We try to isolate them, but you can’t change one without influencing the others.

It’s funny how we humans like to compartmentalize, put shit in boxes, or if you’re my mother, zipper pouches and decorative tins. The “systems” of the body got me thinking about the systems of our “self”. I’ve been thinking a lot about my roles, or what I perceive my role in different spheres of my life to be. Prompted by this read from Forbes, which focuses primarily on work (know your audience) it occurred to me that just like the physical human body, our identity is interconnected as well, maybe less like a series of balls we juggle and more like weighted hula hoop. How does who we are, or perception of self change as we redistribute the weight?

What have been your Rhonda Rousey moments?

12 Jan | Th
Mobility |3x
Glute press x 10
Scap press x 10
Reverse curl-ups x 10

Warm-up | 3x
KB swing x 5 – snatch x 5 ea – RDL x 5ea

Work | EMOM x 30:00
TGU x 1 ea (5 @44#, 5 @53#)
DUs x 40
AD x 1:00

Stretch | some

14 Jan | Sa
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Bird dogs x 10
TVAs x 15

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Wall walk x 2 unbroken (hold at plank)
Slam balls x 5 @20#
DUs x 20

Work | O-lifting – Week 2
Hang snatch + snatch x 4 (75, 75, 85, 85, 85#)
4x: Sled run @240# x 10 yds immediately into sprint x 10 yds [PAP]
3x: Pause clean [1″ – BTK – mid-thigh] x1 + jerk x 2 (105, 115, 125#)

Stretch | 10:00

16 Jan | M
Warm-up | 3x
Laps around the bldg + pipe moves

Work | Recess
EMOM x 30:00, rotating:
DUs x 40
Power clean [TNG] x 4 (105#)
Push press x 3 + jerk x 1

Short stretch | 7:00

Th | Stressful work day + so much booty soreness = make up an EMOM to move through. Really digging the KBs in the warm-up. And those 53# TGUs are solid for more than just a couple reps. Gotta give that 62# a run next time I’m working the get-ups. 

Sa | Snatches didn’t go well, but man, did I dig that PAP work! Couldn’t shake the air brakes on the snatches which tells me my hip is bugging no matter how much I want to will (lie to) myself that it’s not. That moment of transition from the sled push into the sprint is amazing! Maybe the first time I’ve ever FELT like I was sprinting. 

M | Super sore in the quads; Saturday’s sprints, perhaps…?


All the H’s

“A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it.” -Anonymous

Between her boots and his hair, I’m thinking they’ve got the three nailed

Are all of us here familiar with the 3 H’s of training? All seven of us. Yes? Yes. Yes! I find myself doing a pretty regular check of that Venn diagram (because, oh man, I love those!) to see where I’m at with the other triad: head, heart, va-body.

A recent NPR segment had me mulling over that first circle: Happiness. Check out this piece on hygge, a sort of pursuit of daily happiness… but with some nuance. I feel like the Danes understand me. And not merely because I’m mid-way through a “Dicte” binge on the Netflix, where at least 80% of scenes include someone pouring a cup of coffee. No wonder they are a happy nation.

Apparently the hygge is spreading like, well, candlelit uterus, and no doubt America will manage to fuck it all up upon its arrival here. I am guessing the first hipsters landed in Denmark, too, and at the very least we’ve done them well. Just add tattoos.

If you’d like to learn more about all the H’s, click here.

14 Dec | W
Mobility | 3x
GA squats x 10
Scap press x 10
Hanging leg raise x 10

Warm-up | 3x
Banded rows x 10 ea
Wall balls x 10
DUs x 30

Work | O-Lifting – Week 7
Clean DL + Clean high-pull 5 x 1 (135,145,145,155,155#)
Clean x 1 + Jerk x 2 x 5 (115,125,125,130,130 (2nd jerk),130#)
Halting [2s @ BTK + mid-thigh] clean DL 5 x 1 (155,165,165,175,175#)

Full Stretch | 20:00

13 Dec | Tu
Mobility | 3x
Hip hikes x 15 ea
Prone y raise x 12
Bird dogs x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Single-arm press x 8 ea
KBS x 10
Pistols x 1 ea

Work | 25:00, rotating:
Front-rack KB carry x 2L of the building (35#s)
AD x 1:00
Sumo DLs x 5 @ 155#
Row x 1:00
Handstand walks x max (3 attempts ea)

Stretch | 15:00

12 Dec | M
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Single-leg adductor squats x 10 ea
Chin-over-bar hold x :20
Wall pressing dead bugs x :45

Warm-up | 3x
Wall balls x 10
OH WL x 16
DUs x 30

Work | “A”
Front squat 5 x 1 (145,150,155,160#, – )
Rest x 2:00 between
EMOM x 10:00:
1-1/4 Front squat x 3 @ 50% of “A” (80#)
AD sprints 5 x :20
Rest x 2:00

Stretching with Sergio | 20:00

M | Man! I just can’t seem to push past the BW mark on the front squats. They felt really good and I nearly hit that rep at one-siddy – fought for a solid five seconds – but not this time. AD sprints are crazy amazing. With all that rest it really allowed me to push for the :20. Ooh those vomit-y feels ❤

All the Katy/ie’s be savage

Tu | Much soreness in the glutes, hammies, and quads. Rolled through. The Sumo DLs felt light and nice; working out that soreness.

W | All the movements felt good. Knees caving inward on the dip when I got to the second jerk at the 130# mark.

Holiday swole in full effect #paleandsquishy

Whadya Mean?

“I don’t exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it.” – J.D. Salinger

Applicable across all the spheres of life

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a KISS fan, and up until a week ago I didn’t know who the fuck Paul Stanley is. Then I had a listen to his conversation with Joe Rogan (see below). I’m a sucker for a discussion on communication. It’s crazy how casually we can throw our words around, and equally so how selective we can be about picking them up from others. Use your words.

I liked the exchange Rogan and Stanley have on therapy, growing up a “freak”, why self-help books don’t work, clear communication (!), and why we all need friends who will tell us when we’re being an idiot. Especially important during these presidential election/Pokemon Go times.

Goodbye, July | Su
Mobility | 3x
Wall rotation + press x 10
Scap press x 10
Prone glute press x 10
Side plank + LL hold x :25
Reaching dead bugs x 1:00

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
BB RDLs x 10
Banded rows x 10
PUs x 7

Work | 4x:
Wide-grip bench x 3 (80, 85, 85, 85#)
Rest x :30
Chinese row x 10 ea (20#)
Rest x 2:00
Reverse zercher lunge x  10 ea (75, 85, 95#)
Rest x 1:00 btwn legs
AD sprint x :20
Rest x 2:00

30 July | Sa
Warm-up | Uh huh

Work | O-lifting – Week 4
Front Squat – build to a heavy single (135,145, 150, 155 (PR), 160#)
FS isometric holds 3 x 2 @10s ea w/ 5s rest btwn reps
Rack jerks  4 x 2 @ 55-70% (95 ,95 ,105, 105#)
SA BB lawnmower pulls x 10 ea (60, 60, 75#)
Med ball wall sit + twist x 16-20 reps (10, 14, 20#)

Handstand shapes + Rev row sit backs 3 x 6

Stretch | 15:00

Sa | Took back-to-back rest days then PR’d my front squat. Hmm. And I really think I have 160 in me, which is a mental marker because it’d be over body weight. The iso holds and jerks felt good, too. The last segment just felt awkward, but I’ll chalk it up to new movements.

Su | Session felt good; soreness in the upper back between the blades from Saturday. Zerchered so hard I couldn’t feel my thumbs during the sprints. Those AD sprints felt really solid, which caught me off guard after the O-lifting iso’s. But maybe the two are unrelated. Please discuss.

sweaty sunday
Going skins in the gymnasium because so much sweat


There Is No Time

“Did you ever see someone and know they were to play a role in your life?” – Madame La Norte, in the last chic flick I watched

It’s been a heavy couple of weeks in this universe. After taking some moments, I listened to the Barbell Buddha’s podcast, for the first time actually. Man, just… listen. There are some heart-wrenching moments, ones that generated some audible f-bombs over here, and, of course, insights on life. I’m grateful for the volume of content, and of himself, Chris Moore put out there. He’s still got lots of teaching to do.

18 June | Sa
Warm-up | 3x
Assault bike x 1:00
Mobility moves

Work | O-lifting
Clean High-pulls 3 x 3 (95#)
Clean 3 x 3 (115,120,125#)
Rack Jerk 3 x 3 (105,105,110#)
Clean + Jerk (105,115,120#)

Stretchin’ | 15:00

17 June | F
Mobility | 3x
Wall Press + Rotation x 10
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Single-Arm Plank x :30 ea
Hanging Leg Raise x 16

Work | “A” – 4 sets:
Chinese rows x 10 (20# DBs)
Rest x 1:00
Incline bench press x 5 (75,75,80,80#)
Rest x 3:00
“B” – 4 sets:
Ring rows x 10 ring rows
Rest x :30
Wall runs x 20 hip taps (10)
Rest x :30
“C” – 6 sets:
Row sprint x 1:00 (245,257,258,257,261,263m)
Rest x 1:00

F | Rolled into the gym with some sore glute medius and abs – the bottom two of the 6-pack, if there were visible abs involved here. The movements felt good. The hips taps were challenging. I feel more locked out in those than in the shoulder taps. Halved the reps because breathing upside down is hard! The sprints were fun; took the entire time in the last two rest periods to get my breathing back to normal. A nice note to end the night on.

Sa | Felt those sprints getting started for Oh-lifting, but once through the pulls, the system seemed to awaken. Worked on adjusting my landing on the jerk – getting low and not reaching with the rear foot. The shoulder spoke to me a little demo-ing the hip taps for Mayhem, but figure it was just all the work that was done over the last 24 hrs. Rest day Sunday.

The Good Doctor(s)

what was that bossman
The appropriate response to your boss when he asks you to pick up his dry cleaning

Way back in the dial-up days, a drinking buddy of mine and I used to joke about the need for a website to find all the hot doctors. Specifically, we wanted a hot dentist; the rationale being that gazing at a handsome face would really enhance the overall experience of a dental cleaning and while they are medical professionals, dentists don’t get too… invasive.

I recently went in for my yearly physical and blood work. Honestly, this was the very first time I had a panel done and I was looking forward to seeing what info the results would yield. Now, my doctor is pretty awesome – she’s got big Texas hair (actually a wig) and is a great listener and thorough explainer of all things. I’m talking the kind of doc who spends a good hour plus talking with you before even touching her stethoscope.

That being said, she and I have some very different views on things I consider to be relevant. And I have searched to find another MD or DO whose philosophy aligns with my own – and also accepts my insurance. This search is ongoing…

The universe delivered this weekend. Tucked into the latest episode of the TED Radio Hour was a discussion about doctor transparency and patients’ right to know their doctors stance on issues that could directly affect their health. Leana Wen, an ER physician and patient advocate, founded a campaign,Who’s My Doctor, to break down what she calls the “barrier of fear” between patients and their doctors. I prefer the dialogue in the podcast, which you can listen to here, but if you prefer the visuals, here is the TED talk:


 16 December | Tuesday

Weight (of myself) | 158# (finally remembered to do this)

Warm-up | 4 rounds:
10 Wall balls
15 Sit-ups
20 DUs
100m row

Werk-out |
3 sets:
Chin over bar hold x Max (:20, :18, :22)
1:30 rest
8 sets:
Jerk x2 (95 push, 95 split, 105 push,  105 split, 115 split, 120, 115, 115)
2:00 rest
3 set:
GH raise x3
right into
Chinese row x8 ea side (20# DB)
1:30 rest

Stretch | 20:00

15 December | Monday

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
10 Wall balls
15 KBS
20 DU’s

Workout |
4 sets:
Wide grip bench press x3 (85,90,90,90#)
:30 rest
Chin up x5 (failed on numero 4 of the last set)
2:00 rest
3 Sets :
KB front rack box step ups x8 ea leg (2×26# KBs)
1:00 rest between
AD Sprints x5 sets
:20 sprint, 2:00 rest

Monday’s workout: The wide grip bench felt strong, unlike the chin-ups. My grip and traps were really fatigued from the kickboxing session, I am guessing. After completing the step-ups and upon watching Ali’s demo to the 6:00 class, I realized my box was not in the proper position. Ha! I am uneasy stepping down onto the ridges in bumper plates so I omitted them –  only to learn that positioning your hip above your knee was the whole point. Oops. That being said, I still felt it in my glutes and a TON in my abz. The AD sprints are good for the soul.

Tuesday! My forearms and grip was SAF so the chin-over-bar holds were brief. I also hate them. I know that is why I need to do them. The jerks were fun (I love fun with jerks!) but the barbell felt heavy fast. When I got up to 120# I was really feeling it in my lower back. I fought to keep everything engaged but it felt like I was sticking my ass out. So I shed a little weight there and finished the sets. The glute-hammie raises are really hard! I love them though! Here’s my video (where I can see I am lifting my heels which is no good):

During stretch we chatted about the difference between being healthy and being an athlete, how an athlete often times sacrifices their health in some aspect for their sport. And then I went home and read an article on SB Nation about playing with concussions in the NFL. I’d say knocking a decade off your lifetime is a pretty big sacrifice.


Dark Side


its fucking magic

Ah yes, we hear it all the time, right? “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Or, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. The phrase is used so often in the CrossFit world, it becomes a little meaningless. And in some ways it teeters on the edge of Fitspo, being just another message telling us we are doing it wrong. (I fucking hate Fitspo. This article does an excellent job of summarizing why.) But perhaps I’m missing half the point of all this gettin’ uncomfy bidnass…

say what oprah
I’ve always applied these “inspirational” phrases in a very narrow way – to my physical (dis)comfort in the gym. (That seems like such an obvious oversight now.) And then I listened to Episode 110 of the Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness Podcast where Jason interviewed Dr Robert Biswas-Deiner, author of The Upside of Your Dark Side. Dr Biswas-Deiner presents the concept of “comfort addiction”, the idea that our modern standards of living and the ease with which we are able to achieve basic comforts have caused us all to be less practiced at being uncomfortable, not just physically, but psychologically and emotionally, as well. The conversation touches on a lot of great points and parallels some concepts from the podcast on porn addiction I referenced in a previous post (just tap on the smart phone or tablet for a little fix of dopamine). Biswas-Deiner argues that we are losing our ability negotiate even the smallest hardships, physically or emotionally.

Interesting stuff. I may have listened twice.

28 Oct | Tuesday

-fascial Release & Mobility | 15:00

Workout | AD 30/30’s
5:00 @ easy spin
15:00 @ :30 sprint, :30 walk/rest
5:00 @ easy spin

Stretch | 20:00

Bonus | 10:00 handstands!

The foam roller felt amazing today. The AD sprints are growing on me. The last 5:00 of the sprint portion I worked up to 80 RPMs (thanks to some gentle shit-talking from a member of the cartel), which for me is a lot! Stretched with Stretch Coach Ice and then played around with handstands because… Because.

My Pal 10-28
In lieu of the stat block, thought I’d post a screen shot of today’s macros. A bit heavy on the carbs and light on the protein today and I didn’t even have any beer.


Six and one: the Broncos record after this evening’s victory over San Diego. It’s also a good ratio of champagne to OJ in a quality mimosa. I could have entitled this post, “A Bunch of Random Shit”, but that was a little wordy. Six and one.

“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.”

Name that movie quote. It’s a good one…

take that Thursday
How it feels leaving the ‘nasium these days… coming off the injuries!

Life tip of the day: When a person tells you they are an asshole, you should believe them. You can find 31 additional Life Tips here. (The frog I die.)

And finally, a video I’m certain will help me with my less that stellar med ball tosses!

23 Oct | Thursday

3 Sets:
Reverse Zercher lunges x 10 ea. (45, 55, 55#)
1:00 Rest between legs
3 Sets: (more like 7 attempts)
HS walk x 5-10 ft (made it 5 ft max.)
1:00 Rest
Banded rows x 8 reps (totally missed these)
1:00 Rest
5 Sets:
AD x 1:00 hard spinning, 2:00 easy spinning (yay)

The lunges hurt in a good way. The handstands are always fun, even when I stand still. Accidentally skipped the rows. Typical. And the sunset was nice while I did the AD drill.

I’ve added a “no fucks were given” icon to the Mood & Stress bar. Look at that.