Weak Spots

‚ÄúUp to a point a person‚Äôs life is shaped by environment, heredity, and changes in the world about them. Then there comes a time when it lies within their grasp to shape the clay of their life into the sort of thing they wish it to be. Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, lack of good fortune or the quirks of fate. Everyone has the power to say, ‘This I am today. That I shall be tomorrow.'”-¬†Louis L’Amour

Shawn Huckins, James Beard: The Fuck?

Mr. L’Amour’s¬†words seem a fitting reminder for¬†today’s elections, and conjure up some counter points to the content of¬†my current read, The Sports Gene. More on that once I’ve completed it. So far the highlights have been the 5:1 muscle ratio bookshelf analogy and the narrator’s impersonations¬†of quotations from other researchers. (Is it a “read” if it’s an audio book? Normally I’d say no, but tonight nothing makes a lick of sense.)

08 Nov | Tu
Mobility | 3x
Adductor squat x 10 ea
Single-leg elevated glute bridge x 10 ea
Single-arm plank x :20 ea

Warm-up | 3x:
AD x 1:00
Wall walk x 1
V-up x 10

Work | Press 7 x 5 [across] (3 @65, eeked out 1 @70, 3 @ 65#)
right into
DUs x 20
Rest x 2:00
RFESS 5 x 8 ea (35# KBs)
Rest x 1:00 btwn legs
3x: GHR x 8 (15#)
right into
Push-ups x 8
Rest x :20

Stretch ‘n’ Share | 20:00

07 Nov | M
Mobility | 3x
Wall slides x 10
Prone Y raise x 10
Glute press x 10

Warm-up | 3x
AD x 1:00
Wall ball x 10
Banded row x 10

Work | Back squat 7 x 5 (135, 145,145, 155, 155, 160 (4), 155#)
Rest x 2:00
KBS x 5 @44#, right into
KB row x 10 ea (26#), right into
DUs x 50 (UB, UB, 49, 49, UB)
Rest x 1:30

Stretch + Handstand walkin’ | 20:00

05 Nov | Sa
Mobility | 3x
GA squat  x 10
Bird dogs x 10 ea
Plank + fwd tap x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
DUs x 30
Shoulder roll with the bands x 10 ea direction

Work | Lifting
Snatch balance [build] 4 x 2 (70, 75#)
Snatch-grip pause DL [BTK, focus on lats] 3 x 3 (135, 145, 155#)
High-hang snatch + 1-1/4 OHS 6 x 1 (85, 95#…)
Med ball drops 3 x 10 (14, 14, 20#)

Some stretching.

Sa | Felt like I was landing nice and low on the snatch. Video proved otherwise.

M | In the morning hours I tested the back with a short-ish hike, about 4 miles, up South Mountain. Seems like that’s about the mileage threshold. The evening squats felt good and strong. Arbitrarily wanted to hit 165# on the last set, but fuck me legs were terrrd. The single-arm rows got really challenging at set 4 on the left side, which is not the jacked up side, having to reset before each rep to get that lat to do the work. DUs: 50 is the new 40 – pushing the datum.

Tu | Press is a weak spot (queue the Detroit Cobras). Sixty-five got sticky on the last rep, seventy was neck straining on rep three. Dafuq?¬† The 35# KBs were the lightest available due to TGU class workout, so… gave it a go. And was pleasantly surprised. On my way to 1/3 BW in each mitt for… what was that Rx rep scheme again?

If It Were Easy

easy friends

I am totally on a Tim Ferriss run; his content is so good! I’ve been pondering a question he posed during his conversation with photog, Chase Jarvis.

“What would it look like if it were easy?” – Tim Ferriss

We talk a lot about challenging ourselves, getting uncomfortable and pushing through difficult times. It’s how we grow, right? But I would definitely agree that there’s a point at which one’s perseverance can become problematic, especially for certain personality types. (Says the person whose professional sphere feels a lot like forcing it lately.)

I had a friend in grad school who, upon seeing him for the first time in a long time, was describing his relationship with his significant other to me and¬†enthusiastically proclaimed, “Leah, it’s just so easy!” For some reason, that moment has stuck with me, likely because I thought it was total bullshit.

But the older and oh-so-much-wiser me can see where he was coming from. At work I can tell I’m ¬†heading in the wrong direction with a design when I start creating more problems than I’m solving. So many times the most suitable design solution ends up being the first version, the one that was intuitive and that came easy, followed by dozens of other iterations.

Of course there will be times that demand extra effort, at work, under the barbell, in relationships, getting your bangs to lay right, but you shouldn’t have to force it.

And don’t get me started on the yoga.

19 May | Th
Pillars | 3x
TVA leg drops x 15
Side plank clammie holds x :30 ea
SL elevated glute bridge x 10 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
SA press x 10 (20#)
Banded rows x 10

Work | 4 sets:
Press x 3 (70,70,75,75#), right into
Chin-up x 5 tough reps
Rest x 2:00
AD sprints x 5:
On x :20
Rest x 2:00
Frog pumps 3 x 1:00
Rest x 1:00 btwn

Stretch | 15:00

18 May | W
Warm-up| 3x
AD x 1:00
DUs x 30
O-head walking lunges x 20

Work | O-lifting
Snatch 4 x 2 @ 70% (70,70,75,75#)
Front squat 3 x 5 across (115#)
Clean DL @ 110% 3 x 2 (165#)
4 sets:
Windmill x 6 ea (35# KB)
Buenos dias x 6 light 3, focus on using the scoops (65#)

17 May | Tu
Fuck No Yoga

Tu | I am not a yoga person. Final answer.

See. Angry.

My thinking was to find a rest day activity that let me practice my handstands. But yoga makes me angry, and I’m pretty sure that means I’m forcing it. So, the new plan is to give Gymnastic Bodies a try and do that in the gymnasium, with some mobility and stretching, a couple times a week. In MY handstand “practice” (yogis love that word) you can drop f-bombs whenever it moves you. consume lots of stimulants, such as coffee, and stop trying too hard. And The Heathers will play in a loop in the background.

Do I
W | Found myself moving a little funny with the fresh inkage; hesitating a teensy bit getting under it, the barbell. Despite that, the snatches felt pretty good. Maybe wasn’t the best idea to do so many of them Monday. Felt a lot of fatigue in my low back pretty quickly once I got to the front squats.

Th | Seriously sore in the hammies and low/mid-back… but mysteriously not the glutes. Hmm.¬†Did some pushing and some pulling; failed on the pulling part on rep 4/5 on the last two sets pretty much at 90¬į point, when my upper arms were parallel to the floor. The AD sprints are always fun. I anticipate much soreness to set in this afternoon.

Are 30/30’s in the same category as AD sprints in terms of response, provided you’re putting in enough effort during the “on” portion?

The Take Away



There’s a quote credited to Michelangelo that goes something like, referring to his famous masterpiece, “David was always there in the marble, I just took away all that was not David.”

Hold that thought. And now¬†read this guy’s story. He went from living in a 2-story house to traveling around the world with 25 lbs worth of gear. While I wouldn’t call his lifestyle “practicing poverty”, I think the minimalist mentality has a certain level of preparedness built in. The less shit weighing you down, the more freely you can move, whether by choice or necessity. I think his story is pretty interesting, particularly his thoughts on the accumulation mindset, and how habits – both positive and negative – carry over from one arena of our life into others – gym, home, work, relationships, mindset…

So what are the things you can take away? And what have been the moments in your life that seem to “chip away” all that isn’t “David”? The ones that strip away all the first world problems and excess? The ones that challenge you to see what’s really underneath?

06 April | W
Work | O-lifting
Pause (BTK) clean deadlift 4 x 2 + 2 hang cleans (105,115,120,120#)
RFESS 3 x 6 ea (10# DBs)
3 sets:
Pallof press x 8 ea
Side bridge hold w/ leg elevated x :30 ea side (on knee x :20)

Stretch | 20:00

04 April | M
Pillars |3x
Prone Y raise x 8 (2)
Plank + reach thru x 6 ea
Monster walks x 12 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Wall ball x 10
DUs x 30
Rev fly x 15 with the 5ers

Work | Press @ 75# base
5 x 40#
5 x 45#
3 x 50#
3 x 60#
3+ x 65# (8 reps)
3 sets:
DB seated press x 8 (20#ers)
Rest x :30
Plank push-ups x :30
Row 200m
Rest x 3:00

Stretch | 20:00

Monday | Just rolled through. Notes for Raymundo: that right tricep still isn’t firing right; really noticed it on the reverse fly.

Wednesday | Felt nice and speedy on the cleans, challenging getting outta the bottom on those last two sets. Will feel that one tomorrow, especially paired with the split squats. Speaking of, those felt solid. Kept the weight light as they have been known to blow up my shit (the right QL) if I am not cautious.

The side bridges were revealing – SUPER challenging. In order to keep everything stacked properly whilst feeling it in my booty, I needed to drop to my knee. Despite the modification it was still difficult. At about :20 my glutes would stop working and I could feel my low back taking over so I stopped there each set. Also, playing around with that, I found that from the elbow was SO much harder than if I did it with an extended arm and my hand on the floor.

Lastly, Smart Ryan coined a new phrase for the feeling you get when your big movers are letting you know they’re working – the booty call. He’s good to have around.

Nog ‘n’ Blog

“Generosity has little to do with giving gifts, and everything to do with giving others the space to be who they are.” – Patti Digh

lets be friends-01
I think this image captures both the spirit of letting others be who they are, and is a nice example of generous gift-giving

This post’s title was inspired by my current status. Clever, right? Or I’m drunk. One would think that’d make this blog post epic. Indeed, it’s just going to make it short. If you want something epic, or at least pretty awesome, to read, check out this guide to perfect abs and hot sex.

03 Dec | Th
Pillars | 3 rounds
GA squat x 8
Elevated SL hip bridge x 10 ea
Wall leg drop x 15

Warm-up | AD x 5:00

Work | EMOM! x 30:00
Deadlift – RDL – (not-power) Clean – Front squat (95,105,110#)
Tabata abs with Johnny and the Asshole

Stretch | 20:00

02 Dec | W
Work | O-Lifting
Snatch pulls 5 x 2 @115% (115#)
Snatch 5 x 2 @ 70% (75#)
4 sets:
Snatch balance x 3 (55#)
Samurai squats x 5 ea (35#)
Quatuh squat banded press twist x 10 ea

Express stretch | 10:00

01 Dec | Tu
Pillars | 3 rounds
Leg drop x 14
Clammie hold x :30 ea
Scaption x 8
Super bird dog x 10 ea

Warm-up | 16:00 rotating
AD x 4:00
Wall walk x 1 + 5 hand steps in ea direction

Work | Chain of Pain (2:10)
10 rounds: (2×26# KBs)
Push press

Express Stretch | 10:00

30 Nov | M
Warm-up | 3 rounds
AD x 1:00
Wall ball x 7

DUs x 20
Work | Press 5 x 1 (65,75,80,85,90#)
… And then I was a quitter

Hmm… notes. Snatch is feeling strong. I can see how the Chain of Pain acquired it’s nomenclature. Week one killed my grip, and I even stopped for about :20¬† halfway through (and that was only 10 reps). Using the double kettlebells went better than I thought it would, but it was still pretty awkward. I notice the lockout on the top is a weakness of mine. Gotta pay attention to that ish.

New holiday nutrition plan: Craving the sweets? Drink some booze. That’s a solid plan, right?

Still reading and wrapping my head around CarbBackLoading. From what I understand, an ideal situation would be skipping breakfast all together, which would be a big change for me, as brekkie is my biggest meal of the day currently. That being said, the days I do intermittent fasting (typically noon Sunday to lunchtime Monday) I do tend to feel pretty great Monday morning, though I can’t say that I have noticed more mental clarity or anything. Though that could just be Monday.

Anyway, this article from Chris Kresser arrived in my inbox in a timely matter, as did Robb Wolf’s discussion with John Welbourn, who points out that intermittent fasting is really just calorie restriction, though I am not sure that holds true when done in a CBL fashion.

Like I said, still processing the CBL¬†info… I think the bourbon is helping though.


The Great Listen

the great listen-01

I’m all about the old people this week. It started with this interview of author Anne Bernays as part of the The Changing Lives of Women series on NPR. It contains so many insights in such a short interview!¬†And the part about people become socially invisible once they reach a certain age stuck with me.

“People look at you differently. And they tend to, you know, call you little lady and treat you as if, like, you were dumb. I mean, it’s the attitude of a lot of young people to older people. Whereas, I feel like I’m still a teenager.”

Technology plays a role in this social invisibility, whether it’s the older generations lack of ability or desire to connect through it, or because the younger generations¬†lacks the¬†ability or desire to connect in an analogue way.

I think this project from Story Corp is pretty awesome. The Great Thanksgiving Listen encourages folks, especially youth, to sit down and have a conversation with an elder. Man, do I wish I had had something like this for each of my grandparents and my dad. There’s something about having a story in a person’s own voice that is so powerful. And¬†it provokes conversations that might not happen on their own. You win this time, technology.

Who would you interview? Why not do it this week and be part of the greater conversation.

22 Nov | Su
Pillars | 3 rounds
Arch up x 10
Prone glute press x 10
SL Elevated glute bridge x 10 ea
Wall leg drop x 14

Warm-up | AD x 5:00
3 rounds:
Wall ball x 7
KBS x 7
DUs x 20

Work | Snatch pulls 7 x 2 @ 110% (115#)
Segment snatch + :02 pause above knee 7 x 2 @ 70% (70#)
3 sets:
Banded knee abduction + OH press x 10 ea
Reverse Fly x 10

Stretch real good | 20:00

20 Nov | F
Warm up | 3 rounds
Bench press x 10
Hanging shoulder protraction /retraction x 10
DUs x 30

Work | Bench press + chains 5 x 3 (95,105,105,105,110#) PR!
Rest x 3:00
EMOM x 12:00
Odds – KBS x 10 @ 53#
Evens – DUs x 30

Stretch Sesh

19 Nov | Th 
MFR | 5:00
Pillars | 3 rounds
Wall angle press x 10
Scaption press x 7 @:05 ea
GA squats x 8

Work | Recovery
EMOM x 30:00
1st: Beeinch x 3 + 20 DUs (65#)
2nd: OHS x 3 (65#)
3rd: AD

18 Nov | W 
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Row – quick start x 4
Wall squats x 10

Work | CrossFit
3 sets:
Row x 150m (:30,:30,:30.1,30.8)
Slam ball x 5 (20#)
Rest x 2:00
4 sets:
External DB rotation x 8ea (5# plates)
Right into
Death March (26# KBs)
Rest x 2:00

Work | O-Lifting
C+ J 7 x 1 (115#)
Box squats 5 x 5 (75,95,115,115,115#)
3 sets:
SL Banded (outside) RDLs x 10ea
Reverse fly x 10 (7.5#)
Death March (26# KBs)

Stretch | 15:00

17 Nov | Tu
Pillars | 3 rounds
Flexed arm hang x :25
Prone glute press x 10
SL Elevated glute bride x 10 ea

Warm up | 3 rounds
Single-arm press x 10 ea
DU’s x 30
Banded rows x 10

Work | Press – 75# base
Rest x 3:00 btwn
5 @ 50% (45#)
5 @ 60% (45#)
3 @ 70% (55#)
3 @ 80% (60#)
3+ @ 90% (6 @ 70#)
4 sets:
GH raise x 7
right into
Monster walks x 12 ea
right into
Banded hip bridge x 12 reps
Rest x 1:30

Stretch 2.0 | 25:00

16 Nov | M
Pillars | 3 rounds
Plank raise x 6 @:10
Side plank clam x :40 ea
GA squat x 5
Super bird dog x 10 ea

Warm up | 3 rounds
RDL x 10 empty bar
Row x 200m
Single-arm banded rows x 10 ea

Work | Deadlift – 205# base
Rest x 3:00 btwn sets
5 @ 55% (115#)
5 @ 65% (130#)
5 @ 75% (155#)
3 @ 85% (175#)
1+ @ 95% (4 @ 195#)
4 sets:
Pendlay row x 10 reps @ 75#
right into
Single-arm press x 10 (26#)
Rest x 2:00
3 sets:
KB front rack lunge x whiteboard to ball wall (26# KBs)
right into
Hanging leg raise x 8 reps
Rest x 2:00

Stay Bendy | 20:00

Monday | Have you ever done a clammie side plank!? Holy crap. So. Much. Squeezing. The deadlifts felt good. The first pull on my last set felt pretty ugly, as did the last rep. They didn’t look SO bad in the vid…

Look at me, loading the bar like a noob! The Pendlay rows at that weight were a challenge. Really felt it in the mid-back. The font-rack lunges were easy with the left leg leading and hard with the right.

Tuesday | I was¬†all kinds of sore in regions¬†of the flutes I haven’t experienced such soreness before. Press went how it usually does; it’s easy until it’s not. Here’s the last set:

Looks like someone needs to be more cognizant of their posture, Hunchy. Again with the banded hip bridges – felt those a ton.

Wednesday | Double duty was fun; 5:00 class was an awesome crew and it was nice to have the energy of class to help push on the row. The box squats felt so much more… right than the first time, and I was able to put some weight on the bar.

with chains

Friday | Again with the new movements feeling better – the shoulder pro-retraction was so much easier to perform. Establishing pathways or something. Pretty excited that I PR’d my bench whilst using chains. Unexpected.

Sunday | An additional perk of remote coaching is the ability to access the gym most anytime. It was so very zen to be able to put on my music and just move the body. And some of Phoenix’s finest¬†swung by to make sure the garage door was open intentionally. Thoughtful.

And on the nutrition front…

Ah, cuffing season




Lightning Bolts

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

love your people

I decided to quit some things this weekend. They were pretty much lightning bolt decisions. So, here’s an article about quitting things. I’m definitely not quitting DTP or training, but I can relate to the idea of quitting something that you feel defines you.

11 Oct | Su

10 Oct | Sa
Warm-up/Pillars | 3 rds
Hanging leg raise x5
Prone Y Raise 2(x6)
Super Bird Dog x5ea
DUs x20

Olé | Snatch Р100# base
1×2 @80% (80#)
1×1 @85% (85#)
3×1 @90# (90#)
Snatch Balance  Р115# base
1×4 @60% (70#)
1×3 @65% (75#)
3×3 @70% (80,80,85#)

Stretch | 20:00

09 Oct | F
MFR | 10:00
Pillars | 3 sets:
TVA Leg Drop x14
Banded Clammies x6ea
Reverse Table x10
Scap Press x6 @:05ea

Warm-up | 3 rounds:
RDL x10 empty bar
Row x200m
DB reverse fly x10

Work | Deadlift – 205# base
Rest x3:00 btwn:
5 @ 55% (115#)
5 @ 65% (135#)
5 @ 75% (155#)
3 @ 85% (175#)
1+ @ 95% (3@195#)
4 sets:
Snatch grip rows x8 (45,3×55#)
Right into
Bench press x10 reps @ 50% (55#)
Rest x3:00
– then –
Banded hip thrust March 4×1:00
Rest x1:00

Stretch | 20:00

08 Oct | Th
Rest Day

07 Oct | W
MFR | 10:00

Work | Olé
C+J (-J)
2+2 @80% (110#)
2+1 @85% (120#)
3(1+1) @90% (125#)
Front Squat
1×4 @75% (115#)
1×3 @80% (125#)
1×3 @85% (130#)
3×2 @90% (140#)

Stretch | 20:00

06 Oct | Tu
MFR | 10:00
Pillars | 3 sets:
Wall Angle Rotations 2(x6)
COB Hold x:20
Super-Bird Dogs x5
Cobra 2(x:30)

Warm-up | 3 sets
Single-arm press x10 ea
DUs x30
Reverse DB fly’s x15 Р5# plates

Work | Press – 70# base
Rest x3:00 btwn
5 @55% (40#)
5 @65% (45#)
5 @75% (50#)
3 @85% (60#)
1+ @95% (7 @65#)
4 sets | DB rows x8 ea (30#)
Rest x:30
Push-ups x8
DUs x:30
Rest x3:00

Stretch | 20:00

05 Oct | M
MFR | 10:00
Pillars | 3 sets
Banded walks x8 ea
Elbow Plank w/ Fwd Tap x5ea
GA Squats x8
Lunge Matrix x5 ea

Work |  AD x25:00
Every 5:00 perform 1 TGU ea (44#)

Stretchin’ | 20:00

Saturday | Oly class went well, though my shoulder wasn’t very happy Sunday. Maybe a little too much overhead work. Working on turning my elbows back in the catch position, whilst also transitioning out of the hook grip. Tricky. But fun. Played around with some press to handstand progressions after class.

After listening to this week’s BBS, I’m thinking like I should be incorportating¬†some hollow position work into my warm-up. Do all the things! (And if you ever doubted that misogyny and sexism still exist, check out some of those comments on You Tube. No way if those were two bros, would such things be said.)

Friday | Didn’t go crazy on the DLs as the back was still a little¬† tight. No, Salt-N-Pepa, do not push it.

Snatch-grip rows were a little awkward. Really had to resist the urge to shrug on the right side by the last set. The banded march things were legit. In theory, should a person be able to keep the hips totally level and still? Or is it fine if your hips shift some, provided you are keeping your hips up?

Wednesday | Skipped the jerks on the C+Js. Changing my grip on the barbell during front squats has changed my life. Or at least my front squat.

Monday + Tuesday | Nothing to report. TGUs are the best.


Super Dirty Birds

“If the only way the most productive can be successful is by suppressing the productivity of the rest, then we badly need to find a better way to work and a richer way to live.” -Margaret Heffernan

dirty feet
Okay, those might be turkey feet, but I appreciate the effort to pretty-up those suckers

I am not a big chicken eater. Eggs, absolutely – e’eryday! But those sad-looking, limp pieces of flesh that look like something you’d stuff a bra with… no way. Maybe it’s the fact that in the ’90’s, during my low-fat, high-carb decade, chicken was the only meat I allowed myself to consume. Or maybe it’s because they are such dirty birds. Especially those poor creatures that are conventionally raised and slaughtered. Not to mention all that Omega-6. Oh, wait, I just mentioned…

But it turns out that chickens can teach us some interesting things. In particular about work and productivity. You can hear all about the “super chickens” and what they can tell us about ourselves on the TED Radio Hour, The Meaning of Work. Do it. And then go find yourself some pastured bird.

04 Oct | Su
Rest Day
Bikram Yoga x90:00

03 Oct | Sa
MFR | 10:00
Pillars | 3sets
Reverse Curl-ups x3
Hurdle Step Overs 2(x6)
Hip Hinge OH Raise x10
Hip Hikes x15

Work | Olé
Clean + Jerk
6x(3+2) @80% (110#)
1RM (115,125,130#)

Stretch | 20:00

02 Oct | F
MFR | 10:00
Pillars | 3 sets
Hanging Leg Raise 2(x5)
Reverse Table x10
Scap Press x6 @5s ea

Work | EMOM!
28:00 rotations;
Deadlift x4 @135#
Wall Balls x10

Stretch | 20:00

01 Oct | Th
Pillars | 3 sets
TVA Leg Drop x14
Banded clammies x10ea
Prone Y Raise x8 (twice)
Super Bird Dog x8ea

Warm-up | 3 rounds
Run x100m
KB push press x5 @26#
Dbl KB swing x5 @26#

Work | MAP
10:00 @ a consistent pace (8 rds)
Run x200m
DUs x20
– Rest x4:00 –
10:00 @ a consistent pace (5+5)
Body rows x5
DB push press x5 @30# DB
Air squat x10
Sit-ups x10
– Rest x4:00 –
10:00 @ a consistent pace (5+4)
AD x15 cals
Run x100

Stretch | 20:00

30 Sept | W
Warm-up | DUs + mobility
Olé | TnG Power Snatch:
2×4 @70% (70#)
2×3 @75% (75#)
2×3 @80% (80#)
High-hang pulls:
3×4 @70% (70#)
Snatch Balance NOT drop snatch:
1×5 @60% (of OHS 110#, 65#)
1×4 @65% (70#)
3×3 @70% (75,80,80#)

Stretch | 20:00

29 Sept | Tu
Rest Day

28 Sept | M
MFR + Mobility | 10:00
Warm up | 3 sets
Single-arm press x10 ea
DUs x30
Reverse DB fly’s x15 Рuse 5# plates

Work | Press x5 sets (70# base)
Rest x3:00 btwn
5 @50% (35#)
5 @60% (40#)
3 @70% (50#)
3 @80% (55#)
3+ @90% (10 @65#)
4 sets:
DB seated press x8
Rest x:30
Plank push-ups :30
Row x200m
Rest x3:00

Stretchin’ | 20:00

Sunday | Gloriously cloudy, cool(er) morning with some sprinkles + super sore hips = change of plans in the activities department. Subbed a Bikram Yoga Tempe class for the hike. It felt really great actually and with an exception of a few poses that just didn’t feel right¬†(not a fan of¬†the W-sit thing) the stretch and positions felt good. Curious to see how all the morning sweat affects the fasting, if it does at all.

Saturday | The workout on the whiteboard looked pretty minimal. Looks can be deceiving. That first segment was rough! Despite the temptation, I stuck with the Rx weight and things felt good, the movement strong. My tricep was pretty tight by the time we got to the second segment with the heavy jerks, so I didn’t go crazy.

The UbB pillar work was interesting. The hip hikes TOTALLY engaged that area of my back that gets tight when the hip gets a little bothered. And the hurdle step-overs revealed how there is definitely a difference between how my hips move on the left and the right.

Friday | Pappas helped me come up with a little EMOM; not typical behavior of an asshole. I performed the wall balls over by the GHD and learned that a persona really has to focus on the target over there. Hit the wrong spot, or if the wall ball doesn’t bounce off the wall, it’ll hit the ledger and BAM! wall ball to the face. Maybe even twice. True story.

Thursday | Did Tuesday’s MAP session. Definitely got my heart rate up. The most challenging 10:00 was the body rows with the air squats, though it wasn’t until the last two rounds that I had to break up the body rows.

Those Super Bird Dogs are hard! So much effort for such a tiny movement.

Wednesday | The O-lifting felt good, though I am STILL not giving myself enough time to warm-up. Need to change the start time in my head from 6:00 to 5:30/from 10:00 to 9:30 so I get to the gym earlier to adequately warm-up. I hate feeling rushed.

Love the snatch balance work. Those are feeling really strong.

Tuesday | Went to the gymnasium. Put in some time on the foam roller. Did some mobility work. Just wasn’t feeling it so I made it a rest day.

Monday | Here’s the press footage, as requested:

Things felt good. I like the push-up planks. Does it matter how fast or slow you transition between/hold each position?

Didn’t have the best week in the Nutrition Challenge department. As The Oracle pointed out, I think a lot of that had to do with the lack of awesome sleep. New week, so let’s try this again…


Speaking of the sweet sleep, I’m trying something new after listening to an episode of HER Body with Lucy Hendricks. I’ve been listening to that podcast a lot as it’s got lots of info about carb-backloading AND it’s one of the few great podcasts I’ve found that is geared toward women and the science behind what works for us. SO many podcasts are all about the fellas. So far, the episode with Lucy and this one with Jim Laird have been my favorites. I really like what Jim is contributing to the greater conversation.

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September’s Rearview