The Prince Post

“Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.” -Prince


Aaand that guitar solo…

24 April | Su
Pillars | 3x
Wall rotation + press x 10
GA squat x 8
Banded clammies x 12 ea
KB dead bugs x 1:00

Warm-up | 4x
Push-up x 7
Sit-up x 10
DUs x 30

Work | A make up O-lifting workout
4 x Clean x 1 + Hang clean x 2 + Push jerk x 1 (105#)
Banded deadlifts 4 x 4 (155, 165#…)
4 sets:
A, T, Y, Face pulls x 8 ea
Tricep push-downs x 25
Frog pumps x :45

Stretch | 10:00

I didn’t push it on the lbs; not quite feeling 100%. The cleans and jerks felt nice and speedy and, oooh that finish at the top of the banded DLs. Had anyone seen me setting up the rig for those, well, comical. And she’s an architect, they say…

The alphabets with the bands always take a lot of mental focus for me to get right. The Y’s in particular are not my jam. I really want to initiate those with my upper traps.

Added in some of these…

Despite the tutorial, that positioning had me like…

whadya do with dees


right there

They’re right there. I remain unsure how that would contribute to glute activation, however. Definitely don’t have the frog pumps down quite yet, but I’ll give ’em another round if for no other reason to keep it awkward in the remote corner. 

Memento Mori

true in bed, true at any social event
True in a fire, and any social event

Have you ever laid in bed and worried about something really dumb? Like, oh man, I wonder how old the water heater in this place is? What if the gas line connection is bad and a fire starts; how will I escape? What could I break the window with? What if I can’t escape because of the security grilles on the window and then I die? What then?

Well, I guess I won’t care because I will be dead.

Go to bed, Leah.

30 March | Tu
Pillars | 3x
Plank raise x 6 @10s
Super bird dogs x 10 ea
Side plank clammie x 60s ea

Warm-up | 4x
Wall ball x 8
Push-ups x 5
Reaching DB x :30

Work | RFESS 3 x 8 @32×1 (5# plates)
Rest x 1:00
3 sets:
RDL x 5 (95,115,125#)
Rest x 1:00
BB step-ups x 8 ea (65#)
Rest x 1:00
– then –
EMOM x 10:00:
KBS x 10 (44,53#)

Inspired by this article, I tried a new variation on the dead bug in my warm up.

The standard dead bugs have gotten less challenging, even the wall-pressing ones. Using the kettlebell really engaged the lower abs.

Started with 15#ers on the RFESS but kept dropping down until I stopped cheating with my support leg. Ended up laying the orange foam roller on the bench and putting my toe on that so I absolutely couldn’t use the balance leg/foot to cheat. Ridiculous! But it worked, so maybe less ridiculous than I thought.

The RDLs and the step-ups felt strong and I woke up nice and sore in my nutcracker. (That’s my booty – squeeze the walnut.)


Faux Problems

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” -Van Gogh


problem solved
Problem: solved. But seriously, visible cords are the worst!

“Faux” has to be my least favorite F-word. This article, “Your Problems Don’t Matter,” by Dave Ursillo, however, is “faux” real! (Yeah. I just did that.) So, not only are our bodies built for adaption, so are our minds, going for the easiest route to purpose, even if it’s invented. Lots of gems in there. Do you have fall-back imitation problems that circle around? I know I do! I mean, I’m pretty certain once I have an impeccably furnished (and cord-free), newly renovated broad-side bungalow with an emerald green ’71 Bronco in the driveway and can rest a cup of coffee on my big ol’ booty, that I will have found purpose in my life. Am I right?

23 March | W
Pillars |3x
GA squat x 7
Super bird dogs x 10 ea
Scaption press x 6 @5s ea
COB hold x :20

Get a little sweaty | Rowing + DUs

Work | O-lifting
Halting (1s above-the-knee) power clean 5 x 2 (115,125,125,125,130#)
Front squat + chains 5 x 2 (145,155,155,165,165#)
4 sets:
Hurdle hops x 2
Death march (25#s)
Partner leg drops x 10

Stretch | 15:00

The jumps are a weakness of mine, but those hurdle hops were a lot of fun. Really dug the leg drops.

booty 5000 goals
But, seriously, let’s continue with the building a booty plans 🙂

The Honesty Zone

“Valid criticism does you a favor.” – Carl Sagan

don't judge me
“The Necessity of Judgement” | Marc Dennis

21 March | M
Pillars | 3x
TVA leg drops x 15
Arch ups x 12
Elbow planks + tap  5 ea
Suspended SL squat x 6 ea

Work | 10:00 @ a consistent pace: (4 +150)
Row x 150m
Bench x 5 @ 65#
Wall pressing dead bugs x :45

– Rest x 4:00 –

10:00 @ a consistent pace: (3 + 37)
Dbl KBS  x 5 (44#)
DUs x 30
Wall walk x 2
TGU x 1 ea (35,44,44#)

– Rest x 4:00 –

10:00 @ a consistent pace: (5)
AD x 10 cals
Body row x 5
GHR x 7

Stretch | 15:00

Not sure if I slept wonky or if it was Sunday’s BTN work, but I had a kinky neck on Monday. Didn’t require me to modify much, just the dbl KBS. The double wall walks kick my ass. It’s fantastic! Especially followed by some heavy get-ups.

The GHRs are pretty easy, breezy for me now; do I just hold a plate to make those more challenging – what’s the upgrade there? More reps? With beer?

Also what’s the scoop with the single leg deadlift? Pretty much a SL RDL? Just curious. “Smoother and tighter”… yes, please.



This has nothing to do with anything here, but I can’t stop laughing. Solidarity, sista!

15 March | Tu
Pillars | 3x
Wall rotations + press x 10
GA squat x 10
Banded clammies x 15 ea

Work | 5 rounds:
AD x 1:00
Sled pull x 100m @ 115#
Row x 1:00
Farmer’s carry x 100m (44#ers)
Banded hip bridges x 1:00

Stretch | 10:00

π | M
Pillars | 3x
Single-leg elevated hip bridge x 8 ea
Plank + reach thru x 8 ea
Hip hikes x 15 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
KBS x 10
DUs x 30

Work | Deadlift 5 x 1 (175,185,195,205,210#)
3 sets:
RFESS x 8 @30×1 (10# DBs)
Right into
AD x 1:00
Rest x 3:00
Banded dead bugs 4 x 1:00
Rest x 1:00 btwn

Tuesday just did a recovery-ish session. Was up ’till the wee hours for work, so just rolled through. 

Monday’s DLs felt pretty good. How can 205# feel pretty easy and 210# feel like [something way really heavier]? Here are the vids:

The RFESS + AD combo was fun times; lots of burning in the legs and flutes + heavy breathing.

stuck at 205
When your RF of the RFESS is trying to do the work

Pretty sore from all the ab work on Saturday, which made it really easy to feel the dead bugs. Doing it with Cons feels like you have some bricks strapped to ya feet.


[Re]Write the Day

“There are few of us who have not sometimes wakened before dawn, either after one of those dreamless nights that make us almost enamoured of death, or one of those nights of horror and misshapen joy, when through the chambers of the brain sweep phantoms more terrible than reality itself, and instinct with that vivid life that lurks in all grotesques, and that lends to Gothic art its enduring vitality, this art being, one might fancy, especially the art of those whose minds have been troubled with the malady of reverie. Gradually white fingers creep through the curtains, and they appear to tremble. In black fantastic shapes, dumb shadows crawl into the corners of the room and crouch there. Outside, there is the stirring of birds among the leaves, or the sound of men going forth to their work, or the sigh and sob of the wind coming down from the hills and wandering round the silent house, as though it feared to wake the sleepers and yet must needs call forth sleep from her purple cave. Veil after veil of thin dusky gauze is lifted, and by degrees the forms and colours of things are restored to them, and we watch the dawn remaking the world in its antique pattern. The wan mirrors get back their mimic life. The flameless tapers stand where we had left them, and beside them lies the half-cut book that we had been studying, or the wired flower that we had worn at the ball, or the letter that we had been afraid to read, or that we had read too often. Nothing seems to us changed. Out of the unreal shadows of the night comes back the real life that we had known. We have to resume it where we had left off, and there steals over us a terrible sense of the necessity for the continuance of energy in the same wearisome round of stereotyped habits, or a wild longing, it may be, that our eyelids might open some morning upon a world that had been refashioned anew in the darkness for our pleasure, a world in which things would have fresh shapes and colours, and be changed, or have other secrets, a world in which the past would have little or no place, or survive, at any rate, in no conscious form of obligation or regret, the remembrance even of joy having its bitterness and the memories of pleasure their pain.” – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oh my god, that’s a long one. But seriously… ❤ Oscar Wilde knows how to assemble the words.

Rules of life_Kirill Richert

I’m a big fan of the new day, new start mantra. The sunrise is the perfect reset. That being said, I am totally guilty of having something from the previous day, or even a crappy dream, carry over into the following day.

This very thing threatened my Saturday morning. I’d planned a hike, but even as I pulled up to the trailhead, part of me wanted to turn around and crawl back into bed. But I kept asking myself, “Is that really how you want to write the day, Morgan?”. I parked the car and it ended up being one of the best hikes of that trail that I’ve done! Good decision.

delta that shit
Don Draperism – because Mad Men is my current Netflix binge, this totally applies. Sort of. Change the convo in ya head

13 March | Su

Peralta Trail @ The Superstition Mountains

 12 March | Sa

Pre-Gymnasium Hike | Mormon Trail @ South Mountain

Pillars | 3x
GA squats x 8
Scaption x 8 @ 5s ea
Prone glute press x 10
Super bird dogs x 10 ea

Warm-up | EMOM x 20:00
Evens: DUs x 30
Odds: SA press x 5 ea + Sit-ups x 10

Work | O-Lifting
3 position clean deadlift 4 x 3 (155,165,165,175#)
Seated press 4 x 3 (55,60,65,70#)
3 Sets:
SL RDLs x 8 ea (35#)
Banded shoulder rolls x 10 ea direction
Hollow rocks x :30

Stretch| 20:00

Such a great vibes weekend. Saturday’s gym session was fantastic; Matty Nice was in the gymnasium! Whaaat. Was fired up from the hike so I did an EMOM workout (stolen from a workout from last week that I didn’t fit in) to prep for O-Lifting. That first position on the deadlifts was… intense. Okay, so were the other two. Really had to focus to keep the shoulders back. Ellie Mayhem and I kept one another in check. Nothing to report on the other movements other than that the hip/back/shoulder/tricep are feeling good.

My Sunday trip to the Superstitions was amazing. The pics don’t do it justice…



Mas Peralta

Also, I can hike for miles without a misstep but as soon as another human is in visual range, that’s when I’ll fall on my face. True story. It’s like when you’re having a scandalous conversation with your lady friends and as soon as you get to the good bits, the joint goes silent and you’re the one yelling “Anal!” at The Yard.

Lastly, after listening to the latest Barbell Shrugged Podcast Version 2.0, I gotta eat more oatmeal. After O-Lifting.

Sit with It

“Don’t be mysterious, it’s the last resort for people with no secrets.” – The Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey


Watched the finale of Downton Abbey last night, staying up way to late on a school night. No more epic castle scenery and fancy vintage costumes. I guess I’ll just continue my Mad Men bingeing, with Jon Hamm’s pants and lots of mid-century modern style.

Why is it that the English language has such less awesome words than other languages around the world? Sure, we have ‘fuck’, ‘ephemeral’, and ‘fugacious’, but why don’t we have a word for “waking up early to hear the birds sing” (‘gokotta’ by dem Swedes)? Or “coming up with an ingenious plan while drunk” (‘Schnapsidee’ the Germans again) ? That’s a very useful word!

And why is it that it’s so much easier to sit with nice thoughts of fun times than it is to sit with difficult ones? I feel like the second line of this article unlocks the secret: don’t focus on the pain (unless you’re into that), focus on finding the pleasure, in anything you do. Clearly I am oversimplifying it, but you can read the article for the real deal. Learn to sit with it, the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, tasks. At work, at the gymnasium, watching Lena Dunham in an episode of Girls. Sit with it. The Germans have a word for this (of course they do!): ‘sitzfleisch’ – the ability to persevere through hard or boring tasks. Literally translated it means, “sit meat”.

Sit meat: my new term for scoops

07 March | M
Pillars | 3x
GA squats x 5
Leg drops x 14
Side plank clammies x :30 ea
SL elevated glute bridge x 8 ea

Warm-up | 3x
Wall balls x 7
PUs x 7
DUs x 30

Work | 5 sets:
Bench x 3 (80,85#…)
Right into
COB holds x AMSAP (25,23,25,21,23)
Rest x 3:00
– then –
AD 30/30s x 12:00

Stretch + homework | 20:00

Felt really great Monday, the rest day Sunday did me right. Monday’s workout felt good, though the COB holds really fired up my scap and trap. I know I can stay up over that bar over :30, just couldn’t do it yesterday.

I really dig the all the variations of the glute bridges. They make my booty feel really nice the next day…

dear glute bridges
Dear, Glute Bridges…