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“Tell me what you see.”

“Somebody who’s lost. But maybe it’s all for the best. I’d rather imagine you might be, than you who you actually are.” –House of Cards, Chapter 39



My latest favorite time slayer: Fly Art.

10 Feb | W
Warm- up | Rowing + Mobility

Work | O-lifting
Snatch pulls 4 x 3 (105#)
Pause push jerks 4 x 2 (95,105,115,105#)
Front squat + chains 4 x 2 (135,155,135,135#)
3 sets:
Wall-pressing dead bugs x 1:00
Buenos dias x 5 (75#)
Broad jumps x 3

08 Feb | M
Pillars | 3x
Plank raise x 1:00
Prone glute press x 10
Super bird dogs x 10ea

Warm-up | 3x
Row x 1:00
Ring rows x 7

Work | 5 rounds
AD x 15 cals
GHR x 10
Jump rope singles x 1:00
Tricep push-downs x 10

Monday | Feeling like a fatty. Breathing like one, too. There is work to be done! Improvement in the hip and low back.

Wednesday | Things felt pretty good. The front squats I stayed light because Big Joe brought it to my attention that my heel was coming up on my left foot. Crazy. Have some tightness on the right side in my low back this morning, and some mild pain when I open up the right hip.

Had a consult with Ray, which was super fascinating. The left glute isn’t firing, some part of my right upper quad, and then two muscles in my low back, none of which I can’t remember the name of. I’m going to have some sessions with him to see if we can get the right muscles turn on, and off.


Easy, Tiger

“Slow down and remember this: Most things make no difference. Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” – Tim Ferriss

the tigers are here
Bukowski. A tiger tattoo that endures

Dialing it back on a few fronts this week: taking it easy on the hip in the gym, keeping my eyes on my own plate at work, stepping away from some negative shit, and settling down with the caffeine.

Why would you say that?!?

Cinco de Drinko | Tuesday
Warm-it-up | Some:
AD & mobility things

Workout | Cinco sets:
Sled walk x50m
Freestyle x50m (70# sled)
Glute-ham raise x6
Front squat x5 @85#

Stretch | a bit

May the Fourth | Monday
Warm-up | AD until sweaty

Workout | 10 sets:
Bench press x5 @40×0 (3 sets @65#, remainder @70#)
Rest 1:30
Banded chin-ups x5 @40×0 (2 sets w/o band, 4 sets w/ blue band)
Rest 1:30
– then –
3 sets:
Dip shrugs x10 (<—legit)
Rest 1:00
Single-arm DB row x6 @40×0 (20# DB)
Rest 1:00

Stretch + Mobilize | 20:00

Monday’s bench felt good. Added a little weight on the 4th set. The negative chin-ups started bothering me on the right side; I kept catching myself rubbing my elbow and my bicep. I experimented with my grip – wider, closer, overhand instead of underhand – but things just didn’t feel right so I stopped those at the 7th set. The tempo rows were good; my range of motion on my left side seemed limited a bit at the top – I just couldn’t pull that sucker all the way in. Bring it home, tricep! Nah.

I’m pretty sure I did  6 rounds on the recovery because I lost track and didn’t want to short myself. Experiencing some tightness on the right side – hammie, elbow and cuff – but it always feels good to move and get a little sweaty. And the weather was so fucking lovely Tuesday. It was one of those too-nice-to-work days. But I did it anyway. Dammit.

Going through a process of elimination, trying to figure out what the heck triggered the tightness in my hip and back…
Hip thrusts? Nope.
Extreme dance moves? Nope.
Sex Sprain? Sex and the City Rulz.

There is a real shortage of Sex and the City GIFs on the internet, and a person can’t say that about many things. Anyway, the jury is still out on what brought on the tightness.

In my quest to know everything about what is going on with the hip, I found this gem of video. It’s for artists, but is quite informative and entertaining. Wait for the slam dunk around the 8:45 mark…

Whoa. Easy, Tiger.

By Default

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” – Thomas Pynchon

Banksy Mondays
Banksy art: I Hate Mondays

Found some interesting parallels between these two resources I consumed over the weekend, Design for Default: How to Optimize Your Daily Decisions by James Clear and The Paleo Solution Podcast #266 – Pam Schoenfeld and Adele Hite with Healthy Nation Coalition. It’s Monday, so I am going to use my lazy grad school technique of presenting you with a quote pairing. Discuss amongst yourselves 🙂

“Default choices are not inherently bad, but the entire world was not designed with your goals in mind… For this reason, you should be wary of accepting every default as if it is supposed to be the optimal choice.” – James Clear

“We take these recommendations and we extrapolate them to everyone in America… but then we turn around and we look at these people who we have undernourished in utero, we’ve undernourished them during pregnancy and we go, “What’s your problem? You’re fat. You’re sick. You need to take better care of yourself. You need to eat less and move more.” The blame gets pushed back on them… and yet we’re going to give you dietary information that doesn’t relate to you at all.” – Adele Hite

Let your voice be heard here.

26 April | Sunday
Rest Day

25 April | Saturday
Warm-up | 3 rounds:
Row x1:00
DU’s x15
Mobility moves

Workout | RFESS 3×6 @ 32×1 (25#)
Rest x1:00 btwn legs

– then –
3 Sets:
Deadlift x5 w reset btwn reps (165,185,195#)
Rest x:30
Reverse fly x12 (10# DBs)
Rest x3:00
– then –
Hollow rocks 4x:30
Rest x1:00

24 April | Friday
Mobility | 15:00

Workout | 5 Rounds:
Sled walk x100m (135#)
Wall walk x1
GH raise x6 (hamstring goals)
Banded triceps push-downs x12

Stretch | 20:00

Frida. Ah, what a fascinating woman and with such an incredible talent and life.  My Friday, in comparison, was much less tumultuous. The day’s workout was recovery-ish and I needed it – really sore in the triceps from the negative pull-ups. Those GH raises are challenging, no doubt, but I was able to complete six each round. Bueno.

cersei says fuck that
When someone tells you (me) to move faster on the sled pulls

Found myself quite sore Saturday morning – triceps, abs (?) and that right hip flexor. The RFESS didn’t feel good so I 86’d them from the workout. The deadlifts felt good and I made sure to reset between each rep, working that pull from the floor.  I was able to use dumbbells instead of just plates on the flies this time. Yay. Is a gentle bend in the elbow okay on those?

Sunday was a rest day.